Milliken Craig

???? - 1820


Milliken Craig of Ballewan, late Commander in the Hon East India Company, who died at Demerara c. 1820. The heirs of Milliken Craig and John Craig claimed unsuccessfully for the compensation for Vrouw Anna and Nismes in British Guiana.

  1. In 1819 the enslaved people on an estate called Balcraig situate on the West Sea Coast of Berbice were registered for Milliken Craig Esq. by Lewis Cameron. Will of Milliken Craig of Demerary proved 29/12/1820.


Edinburgh Magazine Vol. 85 (1820) p. 293. A partial transcription of his will online shows a bequest of £500 per annum for life to 'my dear and beloved Marion Emilia Knibblewhite whom I left pregnant at my house No. 3 Leigh Street Burton Crescent London', to be increased to £3000 p.a. if she joined him in Demerara and to become her marriage settlement accessed 01/10/2013.

  1. 1819 Slave Registers Berbice pp. 139-140; PROB 11/1637/365.

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£14,904 0S 5D
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£8,748 19S 3D
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