James Choppin

???? - 1824

Claimant or beneficiary


Slave-owner of St Vincent and then Bath, whose will was proven in 1824. His son Thomas Choppin (q.v.) claimed the compensation for Harmony Hall estate on St Vincent as sole acting executor and trustee of James Choppin.

  1. Will of James Choppin of the island of St Vincent but now residing at Bath proved 11/09/1824. He left his estate in trust (his trustees were Jonathan Morgan, Robert Lang and his son Thomas Choppin), to support annuities of £40 p.a. to his daughters Frances and Eliza: he gave £3000 to his son James Iles [?] Choppin. He made provisions for two males who were possibly natural children: £100 p.a. to Louis Pradie 'now residing on my estate' in St Vincent; and £150 p.a. to Joseph Crocome [sp?] son of Elizabeth Crocome who now lives with me (with the desire he train as a surgeon), £80 p.a. to another son of Elizabeth Crotone and £60 p.a. to Elizabeth herself, with £25 p.a. to his servant William Crocome as long as his sister Elizabeth saw fit. Finally he left £100 p.a. to James Choppin his grandson, the son of his son Thomas [this appears to have been James Clement Choppin, later Solicitor-General of St Vincent].

  2. Choppin's daughter Caroline married James Protheroe of Bristol c. 1806 at Bath, when Choppin was identified as of St Vincent. In a marginal note to his will Choppin declared null and void a bequest he had originally made to her in the body of the will.


T71/892 St Vincent no. 506.

  1. PROB 11/1690/53

  2. Annual Register 1806 p. 486

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Associated Claims (1)

£2,526 6S 3D
Deceased claimant unsuccessful (Owner-in-fee)
An owner until his death in 1824: his executor pursued the compensation

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Father → Son
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Thomas was also the legatee of his father's estates, subject to the annuities secured on them ...

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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England