William Ewart Gladstone

29th Dec 1809 - 19th May 1898


One of the most important of C19th politicians.
Although not a claimant, Gladstone was closely involved with the claims of his father, John Gladstone [q.v.], one of the largest of owners of the enslaved in the Caribbean and a highly influential figure in the West India lobby. As a politican, W. E. Gladstone supported compensation for slave-owners, the system of apprenticeship, and the defence of the West India interest over such matters as sugar duties.
For a detailed examination of his views on slavery, see Roland Quinault, ‘Gladstone and Slavery’, The Historical Journal, 52 (2) (2009), pp. 363–83.

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Political (1)

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Newark Nottinghamshire
1832 - 1845
election →
Oxford University Oxfordshire
1847 - 1865
election →
Lancashire Southern Lancashire
1865 - 1868
election →
Greenwich Kent
1868 - 1880
election →
Midlothian Midlothian
1880 - 1895

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