Sarah Hunter Taylor Cathcart

1807 - ????

Claimant or beneficiary


Daughter of William Cathcart (q.v.) and Sarah Taylor, bequeathed 1 enslaved person in the will of her grandfather Simon Taylor (1704-1813).

  1. Sarah Taylor was the Jamaican-born daughter of Simon Taylor (1740-1813), one of the wealthiest planters in Jamaica. Described in Simon Taylor’s will as his “Natural Quadroon Daughter”, and possibly the daughter of “a free Mulatto woman”, Sarah Blacktree Hunter, also mentioned, he left her 2500 pounds Jamaican and an annuity of 30 pounds Jamaican in his will. Sarah Hunter Taylor Cathcart was the daughter of Sarah Taylor; Simon Taylor bequeathed to his granddaughter 500 pounds Jamaican, an annuity of 50 pounds Jamaican and an enslaved person.

  2. “Sarah Hunter Taylor Cathcart, the daughter of William Cathcart Esq by Sarah Taylor, a free woman of colour, 17 months old. Baptised 29th June [1808].” Another child, Simon Hunter Taylor Cathcart, the son of William Cathcart Esq. by Sarah Taylor, a free woman of colour, was born 14/11/1809 and baptised 12/04/1810 in St Andrew, Jamaica.

  3. In October 1845, Mary Cummins and Catherine Cummins were indicted for stealing a silver coffee pot, value £14, the property of Sarah Hunter Taylor Cathcart, from No. 11 Terrace, Walworth, St Mary, Newington, London, the dwelling-house of Charles and Elizabeth Shaw. Sarah Hunter Taylor Cathcart gave evidence: “I entrusted a box of plate to Mr. Shaw to keep for me – this coffee-pot was one of the articles I entrusted to him to keep for me – it is my property.”

  4. Sarah Hunter Taylor Cathcart of 10 Brighton Place, London, daughter of William Cathcart (deceased), married Frederick John Wells, a chemist of 55 Queens Row, London, son of Joseph Wells (deceased), at Walworth St Peter, London, 17/05/1848. The rank or profession of both fathers was given as “Gentleman”. The witnesses were Chas Shaw and Marie Cecily[?] Dorothea Tearks[?].

  5. In 1851, Frederick and Sarah Wells, age 29 and 35, were living at 11 Victoria Road, Lambeth, with Margaret Bishop, age 37, and 2 female servants. Frederick’s occupation was “Dentist” and Sarah’s birthplace was given as Scotland. Although her age in 1851 would have been 43 not 35, the reduction in her reported age is not unexpected given the fact that she was older than her husband. Likewise the Scottish birth would tally with the Scottish origins of her father. However, a possible match in the 1881 census complicates this picture: Sarah Wells age 65, widow, born in Jamaica was living at 59 Penrose Street, Lambeth with her daughter Henrietta Wells age 23, unmarried, born in Belgravia.


T71/866 St David claim no. 94.

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Further Information

Name in compensation records
S. Hunter Taylor Cathcart
Frederick John Wells

Associated Claims (1)

£19 10S 10D

Relationships (1)

Grand-daughter → Grandfather

Addresses (3)

10 Brighton Place, London, Middlesex, London, England
11 Victoria Road, Lambeth, London, Middlesex, London, England
59 Penrose Street, Lambeth, London, Middlesex, London, England