Simon Taylor

1739 - 1813


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£500 currency and an annuity of £100 currency to his free coloured housekeeper.

£1000 currency to his housekeeper's daughter and £2000 currency to his housekeeper's granddaughter.

£10,000 sterling to his nieces Margaret Graham and Martha Harriet Spiers.

£3,000 sterling to his nephew Nicholas Graham.

£5,000 sterling to his niece Eliza Mayne.

All land and enslaved people in Jamaica to his nephew Sir Simon Brissett Taylor.

Source: Christer Petley, '"Legitimacy" and social boundaries: free people of colour and the social order in Jamaican slave society', Social History, 30:4, 481-498, p. 496.

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Extra-marital relationships
Uncle → Nephew
Grandfather → Grand-daughter
Uncle → Nephew
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NB George Watson Taylor was married to Anna Susanna Taylor, niece of Simon...
Uncle → Niece
Father → Natural Daughter
Father → Natural Daughter