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1.Robert Bright, youngest son of Richard Bright. Joined George Gibbs & Son of Bristol 1814, in 1816 went to Anthony Gibbs' offices in Spain. In 1818 the Bristol firm was restyled as Gibbs, Bright & Co., of Liverpool and Bristol, on the death of George Gibbs sen., with the  managing partner his son George Gibbs jun. Robert Bright became managing partner of the firm after George Gibbs' [jun.'s] retirement in 1839: the firm purchased the SS Great Britain in 1850. The firm was absorbed into Anthony Gibbs in 1881.

  1. Dissolution of business as commission merchants in Gloster [sic] under the firm Gibbs, Bright & Co. 10/9/1841, signed by George Gibbs, Robert Bright, Saml. Bright, Stephen Shute and C.F. Sage


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