Click: TEST HERE. If you don't see a new window saying POPUPS OK!, then you have popups bocked. Remember you may have multiple bits of software blocking popups, so turning one off may not turn them all off!

This warning may show automatically if there is some problem preventing you operating LAPT with your browser.
(1) Your browser may not be allowing POPUPS to show. See below. LAPT can check some browsers to warn if there is a problem, but NB with Googlechrome in particular you must rely on its (very small!) warning symbol.
(2)  Your browser may be set to too high a security level. See below.
(3)  LAPT may not work properly with particular browsers. Recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, GoogleChrome are usually OK on a PC; Opera has caused problems. On a MAC, Safari & Firefox have usually been OK, MSIE has caused problems.
(4)  You may have additional security software. Try switching this off or turning off specific facilities like "popup" or "adware" blocking. Don't switch off virus protection software for more than a short period though.
(5)  Your computer may have been attacked by some form of "malware".  This is most likely if the problem has developed suddenly with no change in your computer configuration that you know about. You should update your system and virus protection software.
(6) You may be working with local files on a hard drive or CD-ROM. If so, you may need to set up to allow "Active" content from local files (see below).

After changing settings to try to get round the problem, try closing and re-opening your browser.  Also try deleting files from your system's "cache" (In MS Internet Explorer, click Tools - Internet Options - Delete temorary files).

Dealing with POPUP Blockers:
Most modern systems warn when popups are blocked, and give you the option "always to allow popups from this site". Do this for any sites involved in your operation of LAPT.  NB versions of Norton security software do not warn you about blocks. Turn off Norton "ad blocker" - you probably already have a blocker in your browser that operates in a more polite fashion. Google Toolbar includes a popup blocker that is switched on by default. Googlechrome makes it hard to spot when popups are blocked (a little x symbol on the address line) and doesn't allow a program to check if they are showing OK - beware!
Info about blockers is usually under 'Tools' or 'Options', where you can check on which sites you "allow popups".

Unusual Security: In Internet Explorer, on the Top Menu, click:
Tools - Internet Options - Security
You should see 4 icons for different security zones. Check if the "Internet" zone is set to HIGH.
Try with it on MEDIUM instead. If you want HIGH security for other less trusted internet sites, click on the "Trusted Sites" icon and then click the button "Sites" and add to the list:
After clicking "OK", set the security level for this zone to no higher than MEDIUM.

To use LAPT with a CD-ROM or from a local drive, in Internet Explorer, on the Top Menu, click:
Tools - Internet Options - Advanced
Find the Security section (near the bottom) and click the options to Allow Active Content to run from a CD-ROM and/or from a local drive. Click OK!

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