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The JDI Latin America and Caribbean Unit - a new unit to support research on crime and citizen security, and professional development
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26th June - 7th July 2017

Department of Security and Crime Science

UCL SECReT PhD Training


UCL SECReT is the £17m international Security Science Doctoral Research Training Centre for PhD training in security and crime science based at University College London, the first centre of its kind in Europe. The Centre offers the most comprehensive integrated PhD programme for students wishing to pursue multidisciplinary security or crime-related research degrees. UCL SECReT brings together over 30 research groups at UCL and 50 partners from industry, academia and government including the Home Office, Met Police, BT, Thales and BAE Systems. 

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Crime and terrorism are constantly evolving threats. National infrastructures such as transport, power and communications need to remain protected, and identity theft and credit card fraud continue to have a devastating impact on everyday life. UCL SECReT will produce the next generation of security scientists who will be ready for these challenges.

“UCL’s Security Science DTC will train and shape a generation of thought leaders in integrated and socially sensitive security; this will encompass not only future academics but also the policy makers and industrialists with whom they interact during and after their training. We aim to transform the way security is done.”

For information on other PhD training in areas relevant to security and crime science please go to the relevant departmental website.

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