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Sylvia Chenery

Sylvia Chenery, Managing Associate, Applied Criminology Associates

Tel: 07764 196576

She is a former University Research Manager, and has been a visiting consultant to the Police Foundation and Centre for Victims of Crime, and the Police Executive Research Forum, USA. She is frequently requested to work with Police Forces and Crime and Disorder Partnerships and regularly provides training on a number of subjects, including problem solving, project management and community safety.

She has recently delivered training on the Home Office Hallmarks of Effective Partnerships learning modules to UK Statutory Authorities, and Problem Oriented Policing and Partnership training to police officers in Bermuda. She is a visiting expert for the National Policing Improvement Agency, where she provides input to the International Strategic Police Leadership Programme.

She has extensive research experience, and has published widely, particularly in the field of repeat victimisation (RV). She has undertaken work for a number of Government agencies and has experience working with offender targeting interventions and resettlement programmes. She believes strongly in the potential of partnership and community working and has coordinated and evaluated numerous projects.

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