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Department of Security and Crime Science

Martin Gill

Professor Martin Gill, Director of Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International (PRCI), Professor of Criminology at the University of Leicester


Martin Gill is Director of PRCI which is partly owned by the University of Leicester. The company specialises in the areas of security management, risk management, crime and crime prevention and has a specialist expertise in all types of evaluation not least those studies which seek to establish 'what works?'.

Martin is currently engaged in a range of studies relating to different aspects of business crime. Topics covered include shop theft, frauds, staff dishonesty, burglary reduction, robbery, the effectiveness of security measures, money laundering, policing, violence at work, to name but a few. He has recently been involved in developing training videos by taking offenders back to the scenes of crimes so that they can show how they circumvent security measures and manage different risks. He is also involved in several studies of the security world including one on the impact of regulation and another on the causes of false burglar alarms.

He has published widely (11 books and over 50 articles). In order to draw attention to the problems facing businesses, he initiated the Crime at Work Series . The latest two, Managing Security and CCTV will be published in 2003. His book Commercial Robbery: Offenders' Perspectives on Security and Crime Prevention which was published in 2000 invites the business world to look at security techniques from the perspective of the criminal.

Professor Gill is a Fellow of The Security Institute, a member of the Risk and Security Management Forum, the Security Guild (and a Freeman of the City of London), the ASIS International Business Strategies Council, an overseas representative on the ASIS International Academic Programs Committee and the ASIS International Security Body of Knowledge Task Force. He is co-editor of the Security Journal and founding editor of Risk Management: an International Journal.

Examples of recent publications

Gill, M.L. (editor) (2003) CCTV. Crime at Work Series, Volume IV. Leicester: Perpetuity Press

Gill, M.L. (editor) (2003) Managing Security. Crime at Work Series, Volume III. Leicester: Perpetuity Press

Gill, M. Fisher, B, and Bowie, V. (eds) (2002) Violence at Work: Causes, Patterns and Prevention. Collumpton: Willan.

Gill, M.L. (2000) Commercial Robbery: Offenders' Perspectives on Security and Crime Prevention. London: Blackstone Press.

Gill, M.L. (2001) The Craft of Robbers of Cash-in-Transit Vans: Crime Facilitators and the Entrepreneurial Approach. International Journal of the Sociology of Law. 29, 3 pp 277-291.

Gill, M.L., Hart, J. and Livingstone, K. (2000) Evaluating the Crime Desk and its Role as Investigator. Policing: an International Journal of Police Science and Management. 23,2, pp 246-259.

Gill, M., Bilby, C. and Turbin, V. (1999) Retail Security: Understanding What Deters Shop Thieves. Journal of Security Administration. 22,1, pp 29-40.

Gill, M.L. and Hart, J. (1999) Enforcing Corporate Security Policy Using Private Investigators. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research. 7, pp 245-261.

Gill, M.L., Hart, J., and Livingstone, K. (1999) Managing Police Investigations into Burglary. International Journal of Police Science and Management. 2.1, pp 7-16.

Gill, M. and Turbin, V. (1999) Evaluating 'Realistic Evaluation': Evidence from a Study of CCTV. In Painter, K. and Tilley, N (eds) Surveillance of Public Space: CCTV, Street Lighting and Crime Prevention. Crime Prevention Studies Volume 10. Monsey, N.Y: Criminal Justice Press.

Gill, M. (1999) The Evolving Discipline of Security. In Davies, S.J., and Minion, R. (eds) Security Supervision: Theory and Practice of Asset Protection. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Gill, M.L. (1998) The Repeat Victimisation of Business: Crimes Which Repeat and the Directions of Future Research. International Review of Victimology. 6, pp 51-62.

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