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What is IRIS?
How do I log in to IRIS?
How do I navigate IRIS?
Who can have an IRIS profile?
Where does data in IRIS come from?

Finding information 

How do I find a researcher?
How do I find a publication?
What IRIS data gets passed through to my SLMS profile?
I can see collaborators appearing in my SLMS profile that I have not added myself, why is this and how do I remove them?
Where are the collaborators listed on my SLMS profile - I click on edit my profile but I cannot see where I can edit the list of collaborators.


How do I change my profile?
My name is incorrect on my profile page - how do I change this ?
How do I export the contents of my profile from IRIS?
Can I add my Twitter handle and LinkedIn details to my IRIS profile?
I have other sources of funding not in FIS, can I display them in IRIS?
How do I embed my publications or departmental publication in a web page?
How do I delegate access to a PA?


How do I browse research themes?
How do I browse research groups


Who do I contact if data is incorrect?
Where can I find further information about IRIS?

Troubleshooting known problems

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