Prospective Students

The department offers one MSc course, and has the capacity to host and support research degrees. We also occasionally run short courses. 

MSc in Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV

The aim of this MSc course is therefore to train (or retrain) individuals in all aspects of STD management and control, including epidemiology and public health, health promotion, basic microbiology, virology and immunology, health economics and planning, as well as clinical training in the management of individual patients with STDs including HIV. This course is likely to be useful for both clinicians interested in management of STDs and those involved in the public health aspects of STD control.

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Research degrees

Infection & Population Health provides an increasingly broad range of academic postgraduate research activities providing fields of study towards MPhil and PhD or MD degrees. There are currently several postgraduate research students in the department. Staff and students work in diverse fields, including: epidemiology and statistics, health services research, and laboratory science. The department has an excellent record of winning fellowship awards for postgraduate study, with grants from the Medical Research council (MRC), Wellcome Trust and Department of Health.

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