Prof. M. Jahanshahi

Cognitive-Motor Neuroscience Group

Lab Head: Professor Marjan Jahanshahi

Prof. Marjan Jahanshahi

We are interested in the roles of the basal ganglia in motor control, cognition, emotion and motivation. We use a variety of approaches and techniques in our research, including clinical studies in patients with movement disorders including before and after deep brain stimulation and lesional surgery, functional imaging, recording of event-related and movement-related potentials and transcranial magnetic stimulation. This multi-technique approach is best illustrated by our work on self-initiated versus externally-triggered movements and our studies on random number generation.

Past and present funding:

Brain Research Trust, ESRC; European Commission; Medical Research Council; National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NIH, USA; Parkinson's UK; Stroke Association, Wellcome Trust, Ambient Assisted Living.

National and international collaborators:

Professors David Brooks and Paola Piccini (Hammersmith Hospital & Imperial College), Dr David Lagnado (University College London), Dr Magda Osman (Queen Mary College, London University) Dr Aileen Ho (University of Reading), Dr Ellen Seiss (University of Surrey)

Professor Jose Obeso, Dr Maria Rodriguez-Oroz, Professor Maria Pastor (Spain), Dr Lazaro Alvarez, Dr Maria Gringas, Mr Enrique Casabona (CIREN, Havana, Cuba), Dr Georg Dirnberger and Professor Rory Paz (Weissman Institute, Israel)

Current Group Members

Prof. Marjan Jahanshahi

Dr Louise McDonald – UCL Honorary Research Associate

Ms Mariam Torkamani – UCL Honorary Research Assistant


Ignacio Obeso – UCL PhD Student

Mazda Beigi – Visiting PhD Student

Agata Ryterska – Visiting PhD Student

Ines Meleiro Da Silva Soares Pote – UCL BSc Student


Catherine Cheung – UCL Honorary Research Assistant

Isobel Williams - Volunteer

Current Research Themes

· Willed action: preparation, initiation, inhibition

· Procedural learning

· Response selection under competition

· Temporal processing

· Cognition

· Modulation of movement speed by attention and motivation

· Psychosocial function and quality of life


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