The Sobell Department houses all the teams within the Institute of Neurology who work on the control of movement from single cell studies of cultured motor neurons and muscles in isolated neuromuscular preparations to functional neurosurgery on patients with movement disorders.

The Department’s research is currently focussed upon movement disorders, stroke and the functional reorganisation of the damaged brain and spinal cord, motor neurone disease and the pathophysiology of nerve conduction. Our research also involves understanding how the brain controls skilled movements of the hand and higher cognitive aspects of decision making and reward.

The Department contains a range of expertise, which is unique in the UK, with 25 Principal Investigators in 19 research groups, who hold between them three 5-year programme grants and over 30 PhD Studentships.

Principal Investigators

Dr S. Bestmann

Prof. K. Bhatia Prof. R. Brownstone
Dr M. Davare
Prof. B. Day Dr S Farmer Dr T. Foltynie Dr P. Fratta
Dr S. Gandhi
Prof. L. Greensmith Prof. H. Hariz Prof. K Harris
Prof. M. Jahanshashi Prof. E. Joyce Dr S. Kennerley Dr J. Kilner
Prof. M. Koltzenburg Dr A. Krascov Prof. P. Limousin Prof. J Rothwell
Prof. G. Schiavo Dr C. Selai Dr N. Ward Prof. P. Whiting
Mr L. Zrinzo      

Research Groups

Human Decision Implementation and Action Selection (Bestmann)
Clinical Movement Disorders (Bhatia, Selai)
Human Hand Function (Davare)
Whole Body Sensorimotor Control (Day)
Neurophysiology of Human Motor Development (Farmer)
The Pathophysiology of Motor Neuron and Neuromuscular Disorders (Greensmith)
Unit of Functional Neurosurgery (Hariz, Limousin, Foltynie & Zrinzo)
Quantitative Neuroscience  (Harris)
Cognitive Motor Neuroscience (Jahanshahi)
Neuropsychiatry (Joyce)
Neurophysiology of learning, Decision-Making and Action Selection (Kennerley)
Action Understanding & Social Cognition (Kilner)
Pain and Nociception (Koltzenburg)
Cortical Control of Skilled Hand Function (Lemon)
Physiology and Pathophysiology of Human Motor Control (Rothwell)
Neuroimaging of Plasticity and Recovery (Ward)
The Molecular NeuroPathobiology Laboratory  (Schiavo)

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