UCL Innate2Adaptive

Our immune system combines innate and adaptive responses to restrict the huge range of potential pathogenic microorganisms which we encounter on a daily basis. We want to develop better ways to track both innate and adaptive processes, understand how they interact and ultimately use this information to improve prevention and treatment of infectious disease. We focus our attention on diseases with a major impact on human health such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV. We are particularly interested in exploiting the revolution in genomic technologies which can measure thousands or even millions of parameters of immune responses simultaneously.

Our research group combines scientists with backgrounds in medicine, biology, mathematics and computer science to obtain, analyse and interpret these large datasets and use them to answer fundamental and translational aspects of immunology. Details of the projects we work on can be seen here.

We are based in UCL Division of Infection & Immunity, and work closely with the MRC Centre for Medical Molecular Virology

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