UCL Indigo

UCL's new responsive design language and front-end development framework for rapid development and deployment of UCL web sites and applications.

Get Started


First, learn the principles on which the design language is founded. An important starting place for all people using UCL Indigo.


A modular system designed to scale to UCL’s broad digital services and audiences. You can also learn to expand the foundation.


Reusable modules with HTML examples to easily use and reuse across any UCL site. Developers can learn how to implement and modify each.

Why use Indigo?

Indigo has been created to document the new UCL design language. It will allow everyone to create and maintain the many sites that form ucl.ac.uk

We recommend you use Indigo to develop your site because:

  1. It’s Responsive – Multi-device support, from smart screen to desktop.
  2. It’s fast – Rapid prototyping is easy with dozens of elements, styles and patterns to create with.
  3. Creative - Allows for creative design whilst retaining consistent user experience.

Case studies

Day Labs