Research Impact


Our medical innovations improve the lives of countless people


What is impact?

Individually and in collaboration, UCL experts develop insights relevant to the great challenges facing the world. Society reaps many benefits from their excellent research, some of which occur immediately, while others develop over years or generations.

UCL research generates applicable knowledge and expands the potential of human thought and action. We regard the benefit to humanity arising from the entirety of our work to be research impact.

We encourage our researchers to think creatively about how their work intersects with the world outside academia, and provide mechanisms to bring their wealth of knowledge, creativity and insight to the people and organisations who need it most.

Our medical innovations improve the lives of countless people
Our research influences public policy and legal thinking in the UK and beyond
We create new ways of thinking about histories and cultures, and our shared humanity
We provide vital data and tools to understand and prepare for climate change and natural disasters
We enter into partnerships with industry and the public sector to boost innovation and economic prosperity
We are responsible citizens of London and eager contributors to a shared civic identity
We seek to address some of the most intractable social challenges in a globalised world
We help build a dynamic and inclusive public environment