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Brothers-in-arms with Nazi Germans: Jews in Finland during World War II


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The Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS) is dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of Jewish scholarship and civilisation at the highest level of academic excellence. It reaches every section of the Jewish community and the interested non-Jewish public. It collaborates with all academic institutions within the University of London, and throughout the UK and abroad.

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"First, I would like to say what a wonderful institution the Institute of Jewish Studies is.  UCL has a great tradition of offering lectures to non-members without payment, even in present straightened circumstances; and it is gratifying that the IJS can follow suit.  Of course, the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies is particularly well placed to invite lecturers of high caliber, and they, as well as the audience, benefit from the UCL environment."

Ursula Mittwoch

Professor Emeritus of Genetics

Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment


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