International Centre For Lifecourse Studies In Society and Health


Bridging social and biological sciences

The International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health (ICLS) was set up in 2008.

Research areas

ICLS conducts original research integrating social and biological knowledge in four substantive areas:

  1. Well-being in childhood and adolescence
  2. Work, health and well-being
  3. Social influences on successful ageing
  4. The social-biological interface

and makes scientific contributions in two cross-cutting areas of:

  • Longitudinal methodology, and
  • International comparative research

This research is possible due to the unique longitudinal birth cohort studies that have been carried out in the UK and the availability of comparative national and international data.

By offering training opportunities and partnership, the work of ICLS provides social scientists with quantitative skills required to make best use of longitudinal data.