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Centre for Applied Statistics Courses

Our statistics courses are designed for anyone who requires an understanding of research methods and statistical analyses. The training we provide helps non-statisticians to interpret published research and undertake their own research studies.

Extensive notes are provided for all courses, and teaching is interspersed with practical examples and activities throughout the day(s) to ensure that everyone has understood the key principles. We strive to create a relatively informal learning atmosphere, where participants are not afraid to ask questions or voice any confusion.

No prior statistical knowledge is assumed for our introductory course (Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics), or our summer schools, but all other courses assume that the basics are understood.

Our courses usually take place weekdays between 10.00am and 4.30pm. Evening courses that run between 5.30pm and 8.15pm are sometimes available for Introduction to Research Methods and StatisticsIntroduction to SPSSIntroduction to R and Sample Size Estimation and Power Calculations with Excel.

The courses running frequently at CASC are:

Summer schools:
Introduction to Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis (13th - 17th August)
Introduction to Statistics and Regressions with R (6th - 10th August)

Classroom-based courses:
Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics
Critical Appraisal*
Introduction to Logistic Regression*^
Introduction to Poisson Regression*^
Introduction to Survival/Time-to-Event Data Analysis*^
Assessing Measurement Reliability and Validity*
Introduction to Bayesian Analysis*
Chi-square and Beyond for 2x2 Tables*
Introduction to Latent Class Analysis*

Classroom-based courses (with an optional software workshop):
Introduction to Meta-Analysis* (with optional R workshop~)
Introduction to Dealing with Missing Data* (with optional SPSS workshop)
Introduction to Regression Analysis* (with optional SPSS workshop)

Mixed courses with integrated statistical theory and software:
Sample Size Estimation and Power Calculations with Excel*
Overview of Regressions with R*~^

Statistics software courses:
Introduction to SPSS* - plus evening dates
Introduction to R* - plus evening dates
Further Topics in R*~
Introduction to Stata*

* Knowledge of basic statistical concepts is required/beneficial; we recommend the Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics course if you have little/no previous statistics experience; this course offers a good basis for all other CASC courses.
~ requires prior knowledge/experience of the R software.
^ We recommend attending the Introduction to Regression Analysis course first if you have no prior experience of regression analyses.

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