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With staff as diverse as they are skilled, the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health brings together people at the top of their field to work together to improve the health and well-being of children and the adults they will become.Our staff bring a range of experience to help students grasp the realities of child health work at national and international levels. We collaborate with many partners throughout the world - other national and international academic, NHS, charitable, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

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A-Z Academic & research staff

ICH Academic Role Models

As part of our Athena SWAN Silver Award commitment, a selection of staff at ICH talk about the challenges of developing research careers and the importance of their own role models.

Senior Management Team

Institute Director
Rosalind Smyth
Deputy Director (Education)
Christine Kinnon
Deputy Director (NHS Engagement) David Goldblatt
Deputy Director (Strategy & Partnerships)
Catherine Law
Institute Manager
Wendy Knowles

Education Management

Co-Director Education (Clinical Academic Training) Paul Brogan
Departmental Postgraduate Tutor (Research) Claire Thorne
Departmental Postgraduate Tutor (Education) Helen Bedford
Education Administration Manager Leigh Kilpert 

Academic Programme Management

Developmental Biology & Cancer Programme

Head of Programme
Andrew Copp
Deputy Head of Programme
John Anderson
Programme Manager
Serife Dervish
Programme Support Services team

Developmental Neurosciences Programme

Head of Programme Helen Cross
Deputy Head of Programme
Torsten Baldeweg
Programme Manager
Rebecca Sibley
Programme Support Services team ich.dn.programme@ucl.ac.uk

Genetics & Genomic Medicine Programme 

Head of Programme
Paul Gissen
Deputy Head of Programme
Maria Bitner-Glindzicz
Programme Manager
Chris Thalasselis
Programme Support Services team ich.ggm.programme@ucl.ac.uk

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Programme

Head of Programme Adrian Thrasher
Deputy Head of Programme
Lucy Wedderburn
Programme Manager
Sue Ballard
Programme Support Services team ich.iii.programme@ucl.ac.uk

Population, Policy & Practice Programme

Head of Programme
Monica Lakhanpaul
Deputy Head of Programme
David Skuse
Programme Manager
Philippa Cottam
Programme Support Services team ich.ppp.programme@ucl.ac.uk

Cross-cutting theme Rare Diseases

Theme Lead
Bobby Gaspar

Professional Services team leads

Head of Laboratory Management Kate Thornton
Education Administration Manager Leigh Kilpert
Executive Officer Julia Vale
Finance Manager Rachel Smith
HR Manager
Ludi Capelan
ICH Events Manager
Ash Kotecha
IT Manager
Trudi Anderson
Manager Satellites Estates
Colin Boekbinder
Senior Programme & Projects Manager
Jane Cavanagh

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