The Hazlitt Society
Hazlitt and the Theatre

12th Hazlitt Day School and Society Lecture

This took place on Saturday 14th September 2013, at University College London.


The Hazlitt Society grew out of the project to restore Hazlitt’s long-neglected grave in St Anne’s churchyard, Soho. It was restored by public subscription and the renewed gravestone, in black Lakeland slate, was unveiled by Michael Foot on the 225th anniversary of Hazlitt’s birth, 10 April 2003.

The committee which was formed for the purpose of the restoration established the Society to encourage appreciation of Hazlitt’s work and to promote his values.

Each year there is a lecture by an eminent Hazlitt scholar on the Saturday closest to 18 September, the day Hazlitt died.

A newsletter, sent out in the spring of each year, alerts members of the Society to this lecture, which is free of charge, and any other events that may be of interest to admirers of Hazlitt.

The Society publishes The Hazlitt Review and has also been associated with the organization of the Hazlitt Day Schools that have taken place in Oxford and London in recent years; members qualify for concessionary rates. 

In September 2013 the Day School and the Annual Lecture were held at the same venue and on the same day. Such was the success of this event that the Society plans to repeat this arrangement in 2014. 

The Hazlitt Society depends for its existence on the generosity of its members and friends. If you would like to make a one-off donation, please complete the following form

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