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Classic Service

This is the traditional graduation photography against a standard backdrop.

This service can be used for individual or group photographs.

Due to the large numbers of 'Classic' studios set-up at the ceremonies you do not book in advance for this services.

Studio b3

Contemporary photography in a darkened studio with customised lighting. 'Studio b3' is a bespoke service which offers graduands and their guests a personalised service with more studio time and the choice of black and white or colour photographs.

This service can be used for individual or group photographs.

This service will be available at your graduation ceremony by pre-booked appointment only. Following the confirmation of the date and time of your ceremony (confirmed in May) you will be able to download a form to book for this service.


It is not possible to order packages in advance, however you may find it helpful  to view the available packages and prices on the H Tempest website.


Photography at the Graduation Ceremonies

UCL’s appointed graduation photographers offer two styles of photography, the Tempest 'Classic Service’ and ‘Studio b3’.

The photography studios will only be open before your graduation ceremony so it is important that you arrive early enough to have pictures taken. If you would like to have the 'Classic' photographs please factor in a bit of waiting time.

Please view the venue guides to see where the photography studios will be based.


Non-Ceremony Photography

Non-Ceremony Photography Sessions provide graduands with an opportunity to have professional photographs taken in academic dress with friends, family or colleagues.

These sessions are specifically aimed at those graduands who are unable to attend a ceremony or who are planning to attend but would like to have photographs taken in a more relaxed atmosphere. It is also the perfect opportunity to have photographs with a group of friends before you go your separate ways.

If you have any queries please contact us on

There will be another opportunity to attend a  photography session on the 12 June 2014. Check here in May for details on how to book.

Your UCL Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations! You have or are about to, complete a degree or graduate diploma at UCL.

Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of your achievement. It is a time to get together with family, friends and colleagues to acknowledge your success before moving on to the next phase of your career.

The best way to get the most from your day is to plan!


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