Global Governance Institute




The UCL Global Governance Institute undertakes cross-disciplinary study of crucial governance ‘deficits’ in order to explore the nature of the problem, the processes, structures and institutions involved, and potential solutions. The Institute brings to bear the distinctive strengths of UCL on such an enterprise: namely, our ability to integrate disciplines that draw from both a material base (from disciplines such as engineering, clinical medicine, and the physical and natural sciences) and a social sciences and humanities perspective.

The GGI builds on UCL’s track record as a recognised global leader in cross-disciplinary scholarship and research. To this end, the Institute facilitates collaboration with colleagues from across UCL, as well as engages with policy-makers, practitioners, civil society and other actors to promote informed public debate on possible solutions to global societal challenges.

The Global Governance Institute Annual Report is available here: GGI Annual Report 2016-2017

Our objectives

  • Be a recognised UK leader in global governance research and policy engagement;
  • Build cross-disciplinary capacity within UCL by promoting knowledge-exchange and educational collaboration across disciplines on global governance;
  • Facilitate and deliver innovative multidisciplinary and policy-oriented research through a variety of media and outlets;
  • Establish a robust network of research and strategic partnerships within UCL based on shared goals, as well as forge links with external partners;
  • Identify practical approaches to major global governance by integrating knowledge and research capabilities from across disciplines;
  • Engage diverse viewpoints and enable stakeholders from across sectors to participate in Institute activities to promote innovation and novel insight.

The team

GGI Team

Institute Staff

The Institute has a dedicated core staff to undertake a range of discussions, community and partnership-building and dissemination activities covering a wider network of academic members from across UCL and external stakeholders.


The Institute has Thematic Research Directors, Research Fellows and Research Collaborators to advance research on the key thematics.

GGI Building

Global Governance Students

The Global Governance & Ethics Society is a student-led interdisciplinary group focused on the promotion of student engagement with global governance and ethics issues, from both a policy and academic perspective. 

GGI Network

UCL Global Governance Institute has invested significant energies over the past 18 months in establishing a robust multi-faculty network of research and strategic partnerships within UCL based on shared intellectual goals, as well as forged links with external partners.