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Global Governance and Ethics Society

The Global Governance and Ethics (GGE) Society promotes student engagement with pressing issues in global governance and organises a wide range of activities with support from the GGI.

GGE Society 2019-20
Throughout the year, the GGE Society organises social and public events to promote student engagement with global governance and ethics issues, from both a policy and academic perspective. It is committed to bringing together students from across the spectrum of UCL disciplines to explore the many facets of global governance with a focus on pressing issues of the day.
Francesca Costi - GGE Society

Francesca Costi - GGE Society President

"Grew up in Italy, spent a few years in Australia, I recently graduated and obtained a BSc in Forensic Psychology, ready to continue my academic path with a Master in Global Governance and Ethics at UCL. During my academic and work experience, I have had the pleasure to work with numerous people and academics, who inspired my choice to pursue a career in policymaking and NGOs. My studies related to the biases and issues in the criminal justice system made me realize that I want to focus my future work and my studies on how to help, improve and provide support for vulnerable people on a global level. That is why I believe that GGE master is the best fit for me. My interests are particularly focused on global issues, such as human rights, social (in)justice, fighting human trafficking and modern slavery and the role of women in these matters."

Francesca can be reached at francesca.costi.19@ucl.ac.uk

Peaches Brown-Senior - GGE Society

Peaches Brown-Senior - GGE Society Treasurer 

"I grew up in London and recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA(Hons) in Philosophy. The aspect of the MSc in Global Governance and Ethics which captivates me the most is developing the ability to analyse global policy issues and identify effective solutions from an ethical perspective."

Peaches can be reached at peaches.brown-senior.19@ucl.ac.uk.

Hey Jin Kim - GGE Student Society 2019-20

Hey Jin Kim - GGE Society Social Event Manager 

"Born in South Korea, I moved to the US as a teenager. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with degrees in International Studies and French. My core interests include conflict resolution in divided societies and global governance mechanisms of poverty alleviation."

Hey Jin can be reached at hey.kim.19@ucl.ac.uk.

Eleanora Dell'Amico - GGE Student Society

Eleonora Dell’Amico - GGE Society Academic Event Manager

"I’m Eleonora, and I will be the manager for academics in the GG society for this year. Nice to meet you all! I previously studied Foreign Languages and Cultures in Pisa, Italy, and was deeply fascinated with ‘the world outside’. This is precisely what encouraged me to apply for the MSc in Global Governance. I cannot wait to help my colleagues organising many interesting events for you. Stay tuned!" 

Eleonora can be reached at eleonora.dell'amico.19@ucl.ac.uk.

Emma Leenders - GGE Student Society 2019-20

Emma Leenders - GGE Society Career Event Manager

"Before coming to UCL, I did the MSc International and European Politics at the University of Edinburgh and my undergraduate in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I chose GGE as my second postgraduate degree, because I wanted to move from a regional focus on the EU to a global view to better understand how international cooperation can provide solutions to global problems."

Emma can be reached at emma.leenders.19@ucl.ac.uk.

John Wong - GGE Student Society 2019-20

John Wong - GGE Society Communications and Marketing Manager 

"Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have long been exposed to a multicultural society, and this has nurtured my interest to study with a global perspective. I did my undergraduate degree back in Hong Kong, majoring in Global Studies. I am very excited to further expand my knowledge in global issues under a learning environment vastly different from my hometown."

John can be reached at hok.wong.19@ucl.ac.uk

Haylie Page - GGE Society

Haylie Page - GGE Society Coordinator 2018-19

"Prior to joining UCL, I did my undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Durham University. I am very interested in global affairs, especially in areas such as Human Rights and Internet Governance. After taking a module in Power and Governance in the final year of my undergraduate degree, I became increasingly focused on global governance and I am excited to expand my knowledge of this with the GGE programme."

Marco Segna - GGE Society

Marco Segna - GGE Society Coordinator 2018-19

"I completed my undergraduate degree in History at Birkbeck College, University of London. Prior to joining UCL, I worked for a Member of Parliament. My role included working on issues such as inequality, women's rights and parliamentary representation. I hope to explore the role of global governance in delivering innovative solutions to global issues that also seek to provide value equally amongst societies."

Alexandra Ming - GGE Society

Alexandra Ming - GGE Society Social Secretary 2018-19

"Having recently finished my MA in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, I'm coming to the Global Governance and Ethics programme from what is a perhaps less conventional route. I've always been interested in how different narratives influence circulations of thought and perceptions of power/culture throughout the globe, and so the opportunity to study these themes from a more substantive and politically significant angle is of great excitement for me."

Amelie Bahr - GGE Society

Amelie Bahr - GGE Society Communications Officer 2018-19

"Born in Germany and raised in China, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Maastricht, where I focused on philosophy, sociology, and art history. During the GGE program, I hope to explore ways of integrating my theoretical grounding in the Humanities with the insights of empirical social science research to better understand and address governance issues related to (international) political economy as well as the European Union."

Adrianna Borkowska - GGE Society

Adrianna Borkowska - GGE Society Coordinator of End-of-Year-Event 2018-19

"I am a UCL graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (French and Russian). My passion for languages as well as international communities has inspired me to learn more about how different countries and societies work together. The MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme which I am currently undertaking at UCL enables me to learn about the nature and mechanics of transnational cooperation, whilst focusing on my interest such as the role of the European Union and non-governmental institutions in Global Governance."

Andres Schottlaender - GGE Society

Andres Schottlaender - GGE Society Coordinator of End-of-Year-Event 2018-19

"I am from Argentina, I hold a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and I work on transparency, integrity and anti-corruption issues. As a student of Global Governance and Ethics I am interested in institutional strength and democratic development."

Yutong Chen (GGE Society)

Yutong Chen - GGE Society Secretary 2018-19

"I grew up in China and did a BA in Literature prior to joining UCL. The decision of switching major was based on that humanities and social science are both attractive fields for me. Honestly, this shift is stimulating but also challenging, just like the identity change of us living and studying here as international students. Going forward, I would like to further explore issues around Global Governance and Ethics through different approaches. Certainly, trying best to build a better environment for all fellow students is included in my expectation. Wish us a pleasant journey at this global university and please advise at any stage!"

Muminah Arshad - GGE Society

Muminah Arshad - GGE Society Secretary 2018-19

"I have recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Progressing to the GGE masters programme seemed like a natural progression; the global sphere of politics is a constantly evolving domain which makes it so interesting to study. My particular interests lie in Human Rights and Security."

Mike Cheng - GGE Society

Mike Cheng - GGE Society Coordinator 2017-18

"I did my undergraduate in International Relations at Queen Mary. I am keen on contemporary human rights issues, in particular LGBT rights."

Anna Jeglinska - GGE Society

Anna Jeglinska - GGE Society Coordinator 2017-18

"I am Swedish and Polish but I have lived in Glasgow for four years where I did my undergraduate degree in politics and international relations. My main areas of interest are within international development and human rights, which are areas I hope to explore more throughout this year."

Faidra Tsolakidou - GGE Society

Faidra Tsolakidou - GGE Society Coordinator 2017-18

"Prior to joining UCL, I studied Political Science in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. My core interests are the roles of IGOs and NGOs in Global Governance and matters of security and conflict management."

Nansy Georgopoulou - GGE Society

Nansy Georgopoulou - GGE Society Communications and Social Officer 2017-18

"I am an MSc student of Global Governance and Ethics with an interest in divided societies and post-conflict areas. Before coming to UCL, I graduated from City, University of London, with a BSc on International Politics paying heavy attention to the theoretical background of International Political Economy."

Lily Hosking - GGE Society

Lily Hosking - GGE Society Communications and Social Officer 2017-18

"Before I came to UCL I studied Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, which gave me an appreciation of the cultural diversity of humans and inequalities they face. Having studied this at the local level I am excited to explore these issues on a global scale with GGE." 

Alex Lee - GGE Society

Alex Lee - GGE Society Communications and Social Officer 2017-18

"I am from Malaysia, and have been studying in the UK since 2012. I currently hold a BSc in Business Management from King's College London. After taking a module in Global Corporate Governance, I became interested in exploring Global Governance itself as a field of study."

Tommaso Bernabo - GGE Society

Tommaso Bernabo - GGE Society External Relations Officer  2017-18

"I have a BA(Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Durham University, with a focus on moral theory and ethics applied to politics. A MSc in Global Governance and Ethics was thus the natural progression for my studies, to deepen my understanding of global politics and to see how my moral intuitions fit in the global context."

Giulia Ragosa - GGE Society

Giulia Ragosa - GGE Society External Relations Officer 2017-18

"I have a background in journalism through which I developed a strong interest in global affairs, particularly for what concerns international political economy, corporate responsibility and identity politics in our increasingly globalized world." 

Arne Van Stiphout - GGE Society

Arne Van Stiphout - GGE Society External Relations Officer 2017-18

"I’m an energy engineer, with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven in which I focused on the long-term planning of the European energy system and its transition towards carbon-neutrality. Over the course of my PhD, I got increasingly interested in the ethical and political aspects of climate change. I joined UCL’s GGE programme with the ambition of gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction of climate change and development, e.g. on what goals we set for the (type of) development of our societies." 

Adrienne Buller - GGE Society

Adrienne Buller - GGE Society Secretary and Liaison to the GGI 2017-18

"Before starting my Master's at UCL, I studied life sciences at McGill University in Montreal. Though I know it's a bit of a strange leap to an MSc in Global Governance and Ethics, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained in that degree to improving global governance. In particular, I'm interested in improving environmental policy, especially with respect to the relationship between climate change, international security and human rights."

Tobia Charles - GGE Society

Tobia Charles - GGE Society Coordinator 2016-17

"I hold a BA in History from the University of Nottingham. As an undergrad I focused on civil rights music and black liberation music history. This year while completing my MSc here at UCL, I hope to focus on issues like the notion of 'othering' in climate change transnationally and how algorithms used in Social Media have helped precipitate new kinds of ideological divisions in western democracies."

Katerina Tolarova - GGE Society

Katerina Tolarova - GGE Society Coordinator 2016-17

"I hold an undergraduate degree in International Relations with Spanish from the University of Birmingham with a year abroad at Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires. My main area of interests is the role of international institutions in Global Governance and the global responses to socio-economic issues such as poverty and inequalities."

Timo Harmelink - GGE Society

Timo Harmelink - GGE Society Social Secretary 2016-17

"I did my undergrad in European Studies and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. Areas such as international development and the European Union are particularly in my interest. Besides having a passion for Global Governance I also try to get in touch with my creative side. I love everything about film, music and theatre and will always try to go to the cinema, concerts and the theatre."

Lauriane Wolfe - GGE Society

Lauriane Wolfe - GGE Society Communications Officer 2016-17

"My core interests take root in the Human Rights field and Climate Change, which I hope to explore in-depth within Global Governance. I'm particularly drawn to the areas of gender inequality and global poverty. I hold a bachelor degree in International Business from Robert Gordon University in Scotland, from which stemmed my appreciation of business ethics and corporate social responsibility."

Yannick Fischer - GGE Society

Yannick Fischer - Coordinator of the GGE Society's end of year event 2016-17

"I was born near Frankfurt and did my bachelor in Business Administration in Berlin. My interests are quite broad and I would enjoy discussing any topic, but I have a keen interest in economic policies surrounding the topic of digital economy and innovation." 

Ayano Kashima - GGE Society

Ayano Kashima - GGE Society International Student Coordinator 2016-17

"I hold a BA in Economics and Political Science from Boston University, with a focus in comparative politics and political economy. I hope to further delve into areas such as human rights and development in the realm of global governance this year."

Madeline De Geer - GEE Society

Madeleine De Geer - GGE Society Coordinator 2015-16

Madeleine was a student of Global Governance and Ethics (MSc) in 2015-16. She holds a BSc (Honours) in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bath. At the University of Bath, she also received the Bath Award, and the Volunteer Recognition Bronze award. She has been active in social and academic life at university throughout her studies, with roles including Student Ambassador and Chair of the Scandinavian Society.

Maxime Kern

Maxime Kern - GGE Society Coordinator 2015-16

Maxime is both French and German. While enrolled in the MSc Global Governance & Ethics, he focused on the European Union and International Trade Policy. Prior to joining UCL, Maxime was studying at Aston Business School, UK. He is particularly interested in how CSR can be integrated in core business activities.

Jonathan Sydney Koch - GGE Society

Jonathan Sydney KochGGE Society Social Secretary 2015-16

Jonathan is of French and German nationality. He received a degree in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University of Paris before enrolling in the MSc Global Governance and Ethics at UCL. He is keen to contribute to research and debate on climate governance, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. 

Rebecca Ellis - GGE Society

Rebecca Ellis - MSc Global Governance and Ethics - GGE Society Communications Officer 2015-16

Rebecca was a Master's Student in Global Governance & Ethics  in 2015-16. Originally from the United States, she graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, where she studied Politics & International Relations with focus on the Middle East and European Union. While there she was the Director of Logistics and Operations for the inaugural TEDxRoyalHolloway, and served as the Academic Director for the Royal Holloway Diplomatic Society, which brought in Diplomats to speak from across London. 

  • On 1 October 2019, the GGE Society hosted Dr Thomas Hale (University of Oxford), Thomas O'Neill (InfluenceMap) and Adrienne Buller (InfluenceMap and Labour for a Green New Deal) to discuss 'Reasons to be cheerful about climate governance'
  • From 12 to 16 June 2019, the GGE Society organised a study trip to Strasbourg, which included a tour of the European Parliament and a visit of the Council of Europe. 
  • On 13 May 2019, the GGE Society hosted Dame Margaret Hodge MP who spoke about 'The Fight against Tax Evasion.' 
  • On 13 March 2019, the GGE Society organised an alumni event that brought together current and former students of the MSc Global Governance and Ethics to meet, mingle and connect. 
  • On 20 June 2018, the GGE Society organised a panel discussion on "Policy for Transformations: The Role of the State in Just Green Transformations", featuring Jos Delbeke (former Director-General of the European Commission’s DG Climate Action), Michael Grubb (Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources), Mariana Mazzucato (Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value and Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose) and Sharon Turner (Consultant Director for the Governance Programme at the European Climate Foundation). The video of the event is available at: VIMEO: Policy for Transformations: The Role of the State in Just Green Transformations
  • On 15 March 2018, the GGE Society hosted award-winning filmmaker Fiona Lloyd-Davis for a Q&A and a live screening of her documentary "Under The Shadow." 
  • On 1 March, the GGE Society hosted a series of evening talks for students by students. Speakers were all postgraduate students from the School of Public Policy, who took a 10 minutes deep dive into their areas of expertise. For more information: SPP Postgrad's Deep Dive (Facebook Event)
  • On 10 January 2018, the GGE Society hosted Benedict Rogers (CSW / Hong Kong Watch), who talked about human rights issues in four Asian countries (Burma, Hong Kong, Indonesia and North Korea) and his own experiences as a human rights advocate working in the region. A video of his talk is available here: VIMEO: Human Rights, Basic Freedoms and Crimes Against Humanity in Asia: Stories from the Frontlines

The GGE Society meets regularly to discuss event proposals and welcomes any and all ideas and suggestions, including partnerships with internal (UCL) or external organisations. To find out more about this year's activities check out the GGE Society Facebook page.

The Society can be reached at: gge.soc@ucl.ac.uk

Student Testimonies: MSc Global Governance and Ethics