Contract Activities

Delegated authorisation limits shall apply to all activity committing UCL to either spending of funds or delivery of a service.  A sample of the types of activities is listed below.  This list is not exhaustive and advice should be taken from either Legal Services or the School/Professional Finance Director if any ambiguity arises.

  • Contracts for the supply/provision of goods and/or services (either by UCL of by a third party)
  • Purchase of all goods/equipment (including hardware and software)
  • Software/database licences or other IT agreements
  • Equipment leases
  • Purchase of services
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Collaboration/co-operation agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Unit/team transfer arrangements
  • Any estates-related contract or deed (including without limitation any lease or licence), irrespective of any rent-free period
  • Any consultancy arrangement (whether formal or otherwise)
  • Any research contract (or other research-related document where any formal commitment is made)
  • Any contract or other document relating to student placement or financial arrangements (including stipends, studentship, inter-collegiate fees, sponsorship etc)
  • Staff secondments either to or from UCL
  • Any other arrangement with a third party

Updated: August 2014

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