ESPR Past Issues (1-12)

Issue 1 (1994-1995)

Boris Vian: A/Sexual Death. Protagonists' Fates in Three Early Novels
Tom Genrich

Beauty and the Beast: The Hopes and Reality of Euro Disney
Hilit Koppel

Modern Antisemitism in Austria. Encounter with the Past: The Waldheim Affair
Marie Lindblad

Privatisation in East Germany: A Success Story?
Sally-Ann Morris

Female Academics in Post-War English and Dutch University Novels
Paul Gregory Mowat

Flemish-Walloon Conflict in Belgium: A Guide to the Maze
Christina Paraskevopoulos

The Fate of the Breton Language in Morbihan. A Case Study of Bourdieu's Theory on Linguistic Legitimacy
Paul Vanni

Issue 2 (1995-1996)

The Galician Language Since the Spanish Constitution of 1978
Montserrat Fernandez

Towards a Reversal of the Republican Tradition: The Front National's 'preference nationale'
Catherine Cunningham

Holy Week in Southern Spain: A Social Drama
Tomasina Wilson

El Paseo as a Social Practice
Alice Sillars

The Jews of Florence: Through Fascism and Beyond
Simon Solomon

From Exile to Citizenship? Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in Germany
Nilanthi Manatunga

'A Small Town in Germany' or 'Euro City'? The Redevelopment of Bonn
Simon Usherwood

Issue 3 (1996-1997)

Memorialising the Holocaust in Unified Germany
Joanna Dutta

A Model for Citizenship? The Swedish Welfare State and its Normative Framework
Fiona Strain

Secular Education and Cultural Difference: the 'Headscarf Affair' and the Problem of Integration in France
Sara Fisher

Surrealism and the Demonstration of Art
Elisa Brewer

The Move from Bonn to Berlin: Political Disaster or Psychological Triumph?
Anna Phipps

Countdown to 1998: The Role of the PDS on the German Political Stage
Lucy Withington

The Jews in Italy and the Motivation Behind Racial Laws under Mussolini
Mark Frame

Issue 4 (1997-1998)

Kant, Autonomy and Responsibility
Emma Brown (nee Bowkett)

Laicite as an Egalitarian Concept
Kate Smith

Should Minority Cultures in Europe be Given Extra Support?
Harriet Menter

Education in Spain under Franco: From Nacional-catolicismoto Democracy
Pamela Lucangeli

Anti-Semitism in Fascist Italy: Indigenous Discourses of Nationhood and Implications for Jewish Citizenship
Annett Kuester

Pierre Bourdieu's Concept of Habitus: A Critique of Structuralism
Philip Dufty

French Food: A Cultural Unifier?
Monica Lopez

Issue 5 (1998-1999)

The Rebel Angel: Spanish Anarchism and Women's Emancipation in the Spanish Revolution 1936 -1939
Anne Vial

Machiavelli: Old Republican or New Democrat?
Ellen Francis

Capitalism in France: An "Anglo-Saxon" System?
James Beaumont

Political Liberalism and the Roman Catholic Church
Sarah Elizabeth Hearn

Liberal Equality in Multilingual Societies: The Italian Case
Sharon Wrobel

The Bourgeois Public Sphere in Seville
Birgit Hardt

German Unions and Works Councils: Confrontation or Co-Determination
Michelle Essen

Born in the USA: The Emergence of Youth Culture in Italy since the 1950s
Suzy Walker

Issue 6 (1999-2000)

Towards a More Coherent Liberal Attitude to Personal Relationships: Lessons to be Learnt from the Pacte Civil de Solidarité
C. Luke Taylor

The Vlaams Blok in Brussels: Unravelling the Belgian Compromise?
Simon Brown

Rawls' Theory as a Possible Interpretation of the Italian Constitution
Maria Kelo

"Responsible Historiography"? Judging Holocaust Literature
Sarah Williams

Equality and Imannuel Kant
Dan Rosenfield

The Changing Status of Women in Spain from 1960 to 1990
Monica Infante

Issue 7 (2000-2001)

Women on Maternity Strike? Family, Egalitarianism and Problems of Supply
Canan Gündüz

The Vårdnadsbidrag: A Case Study of the Swedish Welfare and Gender Model
Maija Haas

Pacs, Marriage, and Neutrality of the State
Frédéric Jörgens

The Reactions of the Noble Faubourg to the Dandy-Count Robert de Montesquiou: A Case Study of Modernisation in the Fin-de-siècle
Alice Atkinson

The Performance of the Spanish Regions: A Case of Convergence or Divergence
Carlos Mendez

Caught between the Crossfire: Dutchbat and Srebrenica
Philip Parnham

The Euro as an International Currency: A Serious Threat to Dollar Hegemony?
Sonja Patscheke

Communitarisation of the Schengen Acquis: France and the Rational Choice
Iro Tikkanen

What are the Reasons for the Growing Popularity of the Freedom Party since 1986?
Anne-France White

Issue 8 (2001-2002)

An Aetiology of Human Evil
Victoria Jones

The Italian Justice Reforms: Countering Procedural Delay?
Sonja Wolf

Voluntary Visibles: The Regeneration of Berlin's European Jews
Simone Davidson

Theory and Policy: The Spanish Labour Market in the 1990s
Anna Warberg

Cinema as a Politcal Vehicle: Childhood in Spanish Cinema as an Effective Instrument for the Transmission of Ideological Messages
Hanna Willlems

Emilia-Romagna: A Region between Global Pressure and Local Success
Nike Kristin Müller

Issue 9 (2002-2003)

The EU's Uncertain Political Identity: European Citizenship and the European Dimension in Italian Political Life
Claudia Guske

Anti-Globalisation Protest in Italy: A Challenge to Institutional Politics?
Aleksandra Krakiewicz

Pride and Prejudice: A Study of Homophobia amongst Heterosexual Men in Western Societies
Anders Dahlbeck

Nietzsche and the Nazis
Yasmine Gaspard

'Who Should be Tolerated?' Decency and Injustice in John Rawls' The Law of Peoples
Nick Miller

To What Extent is Immigrant Entrepreneurship Facilitated by Social Capital? A Case Study of Chinese Restaurant Owners in Milan
Stefanie Sieber

Issue 10 (2003-2004)

France and Europe: On the Future of an Enlarged Union
Enora Marenne

Cohabitation: Does the French Split-Executive Politically Transform to Diarchy?
Sara Giorgi

A Socio-Political Paradigm Yielding to a Health Crisis: The French Republican Model and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, 1985-1995
Francesco Carella

Catalonia and the Spanish Nation-State in the Context of the European Integration Process
Ricarda Wildemann

'Marginal and Global': The Construction of Minority Linguistic Identity in a Network Society - the Case of Occitania
Kirsten Bound

Rhetorical Strategies in Political Right-Wing Populism: Die Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs
Marie Enelund-Magnusson

Promoting Freedom through Coercion: The Political Theories of Kant and Rousseau
Alison Mallard

Blocked Democracy: The Tale of 'Operation Gladio' and US Interventions in Italian Politics
Jacob Norris

Issue 11 (2004-2005)

The EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy: An Institutional Analysis
Jake Benford

Towards a New Erotic: Desire and the Visual
Katy Melbourne

Ethnographic Museums at a Turning Point: Do They Still have any Reason to Exist in the Age of Globalisation?
Silvia Scrimieri

Utilitarian Philosophy's Justification of Punishment: To What Extent can it be Reconciled with the Principles of Justice?
Talia Carman

West Germany's Successful Transformation to Democracy after the Second World War: The Role of the Allied Powers
Gloria Pavlides

The Regional versus the National Politico-Territorial Identity in Italy, with Special Reference to Tuscany

Issue 12 (2005-2006)

Berlin-Beirut: Laboratories of a Postmodern Renaissance
Michelle Tabet

External Constraints versus Domestic Reforms: Globalisation, European Integration and the French Welfare State
Ilaria Regondi

The Dutch-Dutch Dimension: The Hardened Tone to Turkish EU Accession after 2004
Hanneke Hart

The Contemporary Representation of the Female Body in the Italian Media
Anna Krzywoszynska

The Political Use of the Resistance in Italy 1945-1948
Trudy Morgan

Bakunin's Criticism of Traditional Marxism in Statism and Anarchy
Helen Walker