Akosua Bonsu

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Akosua Bonsu

ESPS7209 Nietzsche tutorials

Office hours: tbc (only during weeks in which this section is taught)
Location: Room 3.4, 3rd Floor, 33-35 Torrington Place
Email: akosua.bonsu.09@ucl.ac.uk

Personal Information and Research Interests

In the autumn term of the academic year 2014/2015, Akosua Bonsu will be the TA to the Nietzsche course ran by Dr. Thomas Stern.

Akosua Bonsu is a philosophy student at UCL. Her research focuses on the philosophy of mind, especially on the self-conscious emotions. The working title of her PhD thesis is Dimensions of the Self: Shame and Embodiment. Akosua’s research is generously supported by The Follett Trust and UCL’s Graduate research Scholarship.

Akosua has been the TA for a number of courses at ESPS including Introduction to Philosophy, Plato’s Early Dialogues and Nietzsche. In the philosophy department Akosua has ran seminars on Self-Conscious Emotions.

Akosua’s primary research interests are history of philosophy, philosophy of mind and phenomenology. She has written on pride, shame and guilt from the perspective of a range of theorists including Sartre, St. Augustine and Hume.

Akosua is interested in the European Union, specifically in questions of democracy and legitimacy at the supranational level. She works part-time at the European Institute at UCL. More details of which can be found here