Akosua Bonsu

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

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ESPS1001 Philosophy tutorials

Office hours: tbc (only during weeks in which this section is taught)
Location: Room 3.4, 3rd Floor, 33-35 Torrington Place
Email: akosua.bonsu.09@ucl.ac.uk

Research Interests

My PhD is focused on areas in the philosophy of mind. More specifically, I work on the correct way to conceptualise the relationship between the self and self-conscious emotions such as pride, guilt, jealousy and shame.

A proper understanding of this relationship helps us make better sense of a range of real life cases. For example, understanding the nature of the narcissistic tendencies characteristic of these emotions can help us to better understand psychopathic behaviours, relations of power and dominance and the nature of love and friendship.

Understanding how the self-conscious emotions operate allows us to get a grip on the particular ways in which moods modify experience and impact on the reasons which move us. My research requires me to go into a range of topics such as self-consciousness, emotionality, the self and the nature and role of guilt, shame, pride, love etc.

I am very interested in what a number of thinkers have said about these topics. Particularly, I am interested in the work of Aristotle, Sartre, Spinoza and Hume.