Dr James Wilson

Dr James Wilson

James Wilson is Lecturer in Philosophy and Health at UCL. His research focuses on three areas: public health ethics, the regulation of intellectual property, and research ethics. He spent 2011-12 on secondment to The Royal Society as a Senior Policy Adviser on the Science as an Open Enterprise study.

He is joint coordinator of the International Association of Bioethics’s Philosophy and Bioethics Network. For further details, and to download open access versions of his papers see James’s homepage.

Recent publications include:

  1. Wilson J. (2011). “Why It’s Time to Stop Worrying About Paternalism in Health Policy”, Public Health Ethics 4(3): 269-279.
  2. Edwards S. and Wilson J. (2011). “Hard Paternalism and Clinical Research: Why Not”, Bioethics 26(2): 68–75.
  3. Wilson J. and Hunter D. (2010). “Research Exceptionalism”, American Journal of Bioethics 10(8): pp. 45–54. Target article, with nine commentaries.
  4. Wilson J. and Dawson A. (2010). “Giving Liberty Its Due, But No More: Trans Fats, Liberty and Public Health”, American Journal of Bioethics 10(3): pp.34–36.
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