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Visiting and Collaborating

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Visiting the Health Humanities Centre

The Health Humanities is pleased to welcome visiting academics as part of UCL's Affiliate Academic Scheme. Affiliate Academics are usually charged a fee pro rata to the fee charged to UK/EU research students. Please write to the Health Humanities Centre Directors (Sonu Shamdasani or James Wilson) with (a) your research proposal, (b) CV, and (c) details of when you would like to visit.

For short visits (up to four weeks) please contact the academic you are interested in working with in the first instance. You may be asked to provide a contribution to the Centre during your visit, which will often take the form of a presentation to the Health Humanities work in progress seminar. This will be discussed with your academic contact.

Students enrolled on a PhD are not eligible to join the Affiliate Academic scheme, but can apply to be a Visiting Research Student.

Collaborating with the Health Humanities Centre

Grant Collaborations

From time to time there will be funded vacancies to work with the Health Humanities – for example postdocs on specific projects, or through a UCL Institute of Advanced Studies Junior Research Fellowship.

More often, the best way to work with the Health Humanities Centre will be to put together a grant funding application, for example for a Wellcome Trust Humanities and Social Science Research Fellowship. A winning grant application requires first of all a really strong central idea, but in addition a firm sense of how your research can best be supported by and contribute to the broader research culture of UCL. It will usually be best to start your initial conversation with an academic you would like to work with, and then approach one the Health Humanities Centre Directors once you have clarified your initial ideas. If you are not sure who would best best to work with for your project, feel free to contact the Directors initially.

Applying for a PhD

The Health Humanities Centre facilitates cross-disciplinary PhD supervision, but it does does not admit PhD students directly: your application will need to be via the Centre for the Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry (CMII): MPhil / PhD Health Humanities.