UCL Consultants


Themes and Capabilities

UCL's work covers the entire spectrum of human knowledge. These brochures outline our capabilities and achievements in just some of the many themes that drive UCL research.


Behaviour and behaviour change (download PDF)


Built environment (download PDF)


Cognitive neuroscience (download PDF)

Behaviour and behaviour change-brochure   Built environment-brochure   Cognitive neuroscience-brochure

Decision making (download PDF)


Disaster and risk management (download PDF)


Energy and climate change (download PDF)

Decision making-brochure   Disaster and risk management-brochure   Energy and climate change-brochure

Epidemiology and health care (download PDF)


Hearing and hearing disorders (download PDF)


Imaging (download PDF)

Epidemiology and health care-brochure   Hearing and hearing disorders-brochure   Imaging-brochure

International development (download PDF)


Medical technologies (download PDF)


Sustainability (download PDF)

International development-brochure   Medical technologies-brochure   Sustainability-brochure

Therapeutics (download PDF)


Transport (download PDF)


Vision and vision disease (download PDF)

Therapeutics-brochure   Transport-brochure   Vision and vision disease-brochure