Welcome to the psychotherapy Q-sort study



Background to the study
Therapists need to deploy a wide range of skills when they conduct therapy. Specifying these competences is an area of increasing interest, because being clear about what constitutes skilled practice has obvious implications for training and for supervision.

A team at UCL have published competence frameworks for a number of psychotherapy modalities, setting out the competences which characterise various ‘schools’ of therapy. These have been developed with a lot of input from experts in the field, and now we want to see how well they fit with the views of a broader base of practitioners.

We are asking for participation from therapists whose principle orientation is either:

  • Behavioural/ Cognitive Behavioural
  • Psychodynamic/ psychoanalytic
  • Humanistic


What the study involves
The study will take about 45-60 minutes to complete, all of it online. There is a very short questionnaire, asking for some details about you. Then you will be presented with a set of 100 competences associated with psychological therapy, and asked to consider whether they are characteristic or uncharacteristic of the modality that you practice.

What we hope to gain from the study
We anticipate a number of benefits to this research, but the most important are:
a) to see how our frameworks fit with practitioners’ views
b) to see how much commonality (and difference) there is between therapists from different modalities


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The research is being headed by Prof Tony Roth, Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, UCL. If you have any queries he can be contacted at: