Current members of CORE:

Stephen Pilling Stephen Pilling 0207 679 1785
Research interests:
1. Health services research, including trials of complex interventions such as crisis intervention teams and implementation studies of health service policy initiatives.
2. Psychological treatment, in particular treatments for depression and the competences required to deliver effective interventions for all psychological treatments and disorders.
3. Systematic reviews in mental health and their use in clinical guidelines.
4. Clinical guideline development and implementation in mental health.
Susan Michie 0207 679 5930
Professor of Health Psychology
Research interests: Health psychology and health services research, focusing on the delivery, uptake and impact of health procedures such as behaviour change interventions, screening and genetic testing. Specific areas are
1. Understanding and developing effective techniques of behaviour change
2. The process and outcome of communicating genetic information
3. Occupational stress in health care staff and students.
Current research and theoretical interests focus on understanding and changing the behaviour of health professionals and of those at risk of ill health.

National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health

Craig Whittington Craig Whittington 0207 679 1788
Senior Systematic Reviewer
NICE Clinical Health Guidelines
Ifigeneia MavranezouliMD MSc 0207 679 1964
Senior Health Economist
Research interests: clinical guidelines, economic evaluation of mental health interventions, economic modelling, preference-based measures of health-related quality of life for people with emotional distress.
Lorna Hobbs0207 679 1974
Research Assistant
Early Intervention Service
Nicholas Meader Nicholas Meader BSc, PhD 0207 977 6678
Systematic Reviewer,
including dementia, drug misuse, opiate detoxification, ASPD, depression for people with chronic physical health problems.
Suffiya Omarjee Suffiya Omarjee 0207 679 5940
Health Economist
NCCMH Guidelines
Caroline Salter 0207 679 1607
Research Assistant
NICE Clinical Health Guidelines
Robert Saunders Robert Saunders 0207 679 1970
Research Assistant
NICE Clinical Health Guidelines
Laura Shields Laura Shields 0207 679 5956
Research Assistant
NICE Clinical Health Guidelines
Amina Udechuku 0207 679 1631
Systematic Reviewer
NICE Clinical Health Guidelines


Unit Administrator 0207 679 1785


Health Psychology Group

John McAteer John McAteer 0207 679 1932
Research Associate
Health Psychology

Jan Smith 0207 679 1979
Research Assistant
Department of Health audit of the NHS Health Trainer services across England.


Health Services Research

Fatima Bibi 0207 679 1966
Research Assistant

Rebecca Lynch 0207 679 1978
Research Assistant

Fiona Nolan BA, RMN 0207 679 5911
Nursing Research Fellow
Research interests: Mental health services evaluation, patient satisfaction, comparison of home treatment and inpatient care for acute mental health crises.


NHS Smoking Cessation and Training Centre

Sue Churchill 0207 679 1258
Research Associate