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Britain by Night

Kevin Sim
Beautiful and intimate documentary which follows the stories of a group of characters as they live through a dramatic night.

Britain In A Day

On Saturday 12 November 2011 an eclectic range of British people turned the camera on themselves, capturing the entertaining and mundane, the exciting and unusual, the poignant and the everyday.

Britain On Film - Episode 10: End of Empire

This episode focuses on films examining the changing shape of the British Empire. At a time when many of its former colonies were achieving independence, Look at Life sent its film crews as far afield as Aden, Malaysia and Ascension Island to record the efforts made by Britain to manage the transition from imperial rule to the leadership of an emerging Commonwealth.

Britain Through A Lens: The Documentary Film Mob

The unlikely story of how, between 1929 and 1945, a group of tweed-wearing radicals and pin-striped bureaucrats created the most influential movement in the history of British film. They were the British Documentary Movement and they gave Britons a taste for watching films about real life.

Britain's Best Buildings - Hardwick Hall

Dan Cruickshank
Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury (otherwise known as Bess of Hardwick), was one of the most capable and ambitious women in Elizabethan England. Hardwick Hall has become her lasting monument and is full of coded references to her desire for one of her descendents to sit on the throne of England.
Built Environment & Architecture

British Isles: A Natural History - Episode 1 - 3 Billion Years in the Making

Beginning in a familiar garden setting, Alan peels back the layers of Britain's varied past. He travels to his native Yorkshire to reveal how innocent sounding place names provide evidence of a wild legacy. On Scotland's Isle of May, he discovers how white seal pups hold a clue to Britain's snowy heritage. Finally, Alan explores how diverse rock formations are a testament to Britain's turbulent past.

British Isles: A Natural History - Episode 4 - Islands Apart

Alan ventures 50 metres below the Channel, scales an ancient tree in the New Forest and stalks red deer in Scotland to tell the story of how island Britain was created. He searches for clues across the country, discovering tropical nickar nuts in Scotland, palm trees growing at latitudes where polar bears should feel more at home and watching whooper swans in Cambridgeshire who arrive from Siberia for Britain's milder winters.

Bruce Springsteen: Darkness Live 1978

Hot on the heels of the release of their classic fourth studio album, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band went on the road with renewed hunger and are captured here playing the songs from the album live in 1978 in Houston, cementing their reputation as saviours of rock \'n\' roll.

Brunel's Last Launch - A Time Team Special

Channel 4
A century and a half ago, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Britain's most famous engineer, was about to launch a ship five times bigger than any that had ever been built before, the most revolutionary vessel the world had ever seen: the SS Great Eastern.

Building Britain with Griff Rhys Jones

Simon Thurley
A look at British architecture and its design, influences and development over the centuries. Presented by English Heritage Chief Executive Simon Thurley, who sets out to demonstrate the uniqueness of British architecture and its links to the national character by visiting buildings as diverse as a secret military bunker in Dover and Holkham Hall in Norfolk
Built Environment & Architecture