The Lecture Task Chain

Each Task Chain is a linked series of activities around one authentic academic lecture given here at UCL as part of the Lunch Hour Lecture series.

These Task Chains have been carefully designed to help you practice different aspects of listening comprehension including understanding general and specific information from the lecture. The Task Chains also allow you to develop your vocabulary and to practice note-taking skills.

This material is designed for use by all students following any of the courses in EAP offered here at the UCL Centre for Languages and International Education.

Each Task Chain should take between 60 – 90 minutes. However, there is no need to work through a single Task Chain in one sitting. You can do some of the tasks, take a break and then return later (your work will be saved if you log out whilst in the middle of a task chain). In fact, you will probably benefit more if you approach the Task Chains in this way, especially if you revise the work you’ve done each time you return.

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