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Schools & Colleges

The Department of Greek and Latin is active in promoting Classics in the community. Every year we run open days, fairs, workshops and a range of events for young people.

Classics for All

UCL is a founding partner in the Capital Classics project (launched November 2013).  

Open Days and Classics Fairs

1. Open Days

Open Day

The department participates in several Open Days throughout the year:

Open Days 2014-15

The Department of Greek and Latin is organising two Open Days, on February 18th and June 22nd 2015 for students in years 11-13.  There will be:
•    lectures on a variety of exciting topics from the history, archaeology, languages and literature of the ancient world (especially Greece and Rome, but previous years have also included talks on Egypt and the Near East) given by teachers from the UCL Departments of Greek and Latin, History, and Archaeology
•    hands-on sessions may also be organised: past ones have included a tour of the Egyptian collection of the Petrie Museum, a session on how ancient pottery and sculpture was made, or a workshop on the discovery and decipherment of ancient Greek papyri.

  • To book a place for the Feb. 18th Open Day, please visit the University of London Taster Courses website.  
  • To book a place for the June 22nd Open Day, please email Dr Peter Agocs.

Schools leaflet >>

This project is supported by the UCL Outreach Office

2. Classics Day at the City Lit

Saturday 7 March 2015, 10:30 - 5:30.

CityLit logo

An annual activity in cooperation with the British Museum and City Lit is the Classics Day: an exciting day of talks, discussions and gallery visits on themes relating to Ancient Greece and Rome. Anyone with a love of the Classics is welcome. No knowledge of Greek or Latin required!

Details and registration >>

Summer Schools

1. The Summer School in Homer

29 June - 3 July 2015

The UCL Department of Greek and Latin is organising a five-day Summer School in Homer for students who are interested in studying the Homeric epics. There will be lectures, seminars, workshops and events on a wide variety of Homeric topics with classicists, artists and other practitioners. The minimum age limit for attendees is 15 years.

2. The London Summer School in Classics

The London Summer School allows people of all abilities and backgrounds to
learn ancient Greek and Latin. In 2014 the Summer School will run Monday 29th June to Friday 3th July 2015

3. UCL Ancient World Summer School 2015

29 June - 2 July 2015

The UCL Department of Greek and Latin is organising a two-day summer school for students in years 11-13 who are interested in exploring the societies of the ancient world, from Babylon to Egypt and the literatures and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.  There will be lectures and seminars on a wide variety of exciting topics and hands-on sessions with archaeologists and museum curators in the Petrie Museum, UCL’s magnificent Egyptian collection.

Details here

Events and Projects

1. The Greek Play

Students in the Department every year produce a Greek play (in English translation) at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre. Performances (in February) are open to the general public and have proved very popular in the past. To accompany each production, the Department organizes an extensive programme of public lectures and workshops. Since 2009 we also publish extensive study guides for each year's play, which can be accessed here.

In February 2013 the Department produced Euripides' Trojan Women; in February 2014, Aristophanes' Clouds; and in February 2015, Euripides' Bacchae.

2. The Ancient World in the Modern Cinema

Many members of staff in the Department are engaged in research on the reception of the ancient world in the modern world (the use and abuse of classical antiquity). 

The Department has recently arranged for funding to restore film projectors in the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, which has made it possible to screen rare silent films on classical topics: the most recent screening took place in November 2014.

3. The Olympics Ancient and Modern

The London Olympics of 2012 formed the backdrop for an exciting series of lectures, debates and exhibitions, involving some of the most distinguished experts worldwide, which explored the ancient origins and evolution and modern receptions of the games. This project gathers together some of the themes and ideas which emerged from this programme, together with ancient texts, links to artefacts, and discussion by leading international scholars.

4. The Iris Project

The Iris Project

The Department supports the Iris Project with funding and resources. The Iris Project is a registered educational charity promoting Classics in the United Kingdom, by running initiatives in state schools and communities, which give access to Classical subjects. It targets socially-excluded boroughs of inner London and schools with high numbers of disadvantaged children. A number of students in the Department work as teachers for this project.

News: Iris Literacy through Latin project has won the 2013 EU Language Label

Ask us!

The Department welcomes enquiries and is happy to help with expertise in

  • answering questions
  • providing speakers
  • the planning and realization of Classics related events

Please contact the Departmental Administrator Mary Moloney for further information or get in touch with the relevant member of staff

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