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The Silent Teacher

Film screening, 18 October 2017, 7pm, IAS Common Ground, South Wing, Wilkins Building. European première of The Silent Teacher 那個靜默的陽光午後 by Maso Chen 陳志漢 produced by Ging Lee 李孟津 (Taiwan, 2016) — a moving and intellectually provocative documentary on body donation from the perspective of one donor’s family.
Plus video Q&A with the director, and panel discussion with Professor Chris Berry (KCL Film Studies), Dr Vivienne Lo 羅維前 (UCL History) and Dr James Wilson (UCL Philosophy).

YiMovi Exhibition of Chinese Film and the Medical Humanities

A UCL-PKU collaborative event, jointly convened by Dr Vivienne Lo (UCL CCHH), Prof. Guo Liping (PKU) and Dr Daniel Vuillermin (PKU). Peking University Medical Campus, 31 May – 2 June 2017. More...

UNexpected London Chinese Short Film Festival 2017

UCL main campus 22–27 May. Short film screenings: 26–27 May. Free tickets from Eventbrite.


MA Chinese Health & Humanity Dissertation Conference 2017

Wednesday 24 May, 2.00–5.00pm, Room 102, 23 Gordon Square.
Please do come along to support our students and find out about their fascinating research! More...

LOOMS OF LIFE – weaving, medicine and knowledge production in early China

An international conference on the amazing 2nd-century BCE Laoguanshan 老官山 tomb finds, jointly convened by CCHH (UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity) and ICCHA (International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology). Time: 30 March 2017, 10–17.30. Place: IAS Common Ground, South Wing, Wilkins Building More...

Institute of Digital Health seminar

Humanoid robots as (indirect) tools for digital health in autism
Time: 20 February, 2:30–3:30pm
Place: Room G01, 66-72 Gower Street
Speaker: Alyssa Alcorn (CRAE) More...

Abortion in China

Thursday 9th Feb, 6–7pm, Room 802, Institute of EducationHealth Humanities Seminar. Speaker: Cong Yali 丛亚丽 (PKU), introduced by Vivienne Lo. More...

Dumplings 饺子 (2004)

Our New Year bonus film, by Hong Kong iconoclast director Fruit Chan 陈果, is 'a sinister story of diet, deception and death'.
Time: Wednesday 8 February, 7pm
Place: IAS Common GroundSouth Wing, Wilkins Building More...

UNexpected London Chinese Short Film Festival 2017

24 May 2017

UCL main campus 22–27 May. Short film screenings: 26–27 May. Free tickets from Eventbrite.

Unexpected Film Festival is organised in partnership with UCL CMII. It aims to open up Chinese-language short films to a wider audience in London. Admission to all the films is  free. Free drinks and snacks are also provided.


Facebook page:

Ticket link:


May 26 2017, 18:30–21:00

Opening Gala and Festival Short Film Section "Experi-oriental"

The five experimental shorts all challenge traditional ways of filmmaking; breaking through form and ideology and speaking to the contemporary political agenda and gender issues in China, and incorporating Chinese aesthetics. 

Screenings: A Stop in the Mist (dir. Zhang Kang); Planet Unknown (dir. Wang Zixiao); Eat Me (dir. Zheng Xiangtian); Isolated (dir. Liu Yu|);  Ah Q (dir. Liu Ming) 

Opening Party: 19:30 - 21: 00 (Free Drinks and Snacks)

Free Tickets

May 27 2017, 09:30-12:30

Festival Short Film Section "Conversation"

This section focuses on the conflict between the universal phenomenon of the ageing population and traditional Chinese family values. The following shorts present the generational conversations through different ways of communicating. 

Screenings: Telephone (dir. Kang, Sze-wen); The Hospice Care (dir. Guo Dongliang); Filial Piety Award (dir. Chen Jianzhang)

Free Tickets

May 27 2017, 13:30-15:00

Festival Short Film Section "Urbanisation"

Modernised communities are replacing traditional households, and higher educational institutions are replacing private homeschooling. The inevitability of overthrowing traditions/heritage in the process of urbanisation raises the question of whether it is a step towards advancing society or losing the cultural heritage. The following two shorts leave us pondering the meaning of breaking with traditions.

Screenings: Lost Cemeteries (dir. Ying Kuen Ho); Master Lee (dir. Fan Jiangliu)

Special Guest: Dr. Keith Wagner 

Dr Wagner explores the broad cultural and social links between the Global North and Global South, particularly the impacts and transmutations of neoliberal globalisation on cinemas from the United States, Britain, China, South Korea, Chile, Nigeria and South Africa. At the same time Dr Wagner has an intense interest in different national cinemas, comprising another strand of his research output.  

Free Tickets

May 27, 2017, 15:30-18:00

Festival Short Film Section "Power VS Rights"

Are those in power always suppressing others? Are those fighting for rights always right? These two shorts break the conventional wisdom of power and rights by providing new perspectives to think about conscience and morality on the journey of gaining power.

Screenings: Spring in South City (dir. Ling Xi); The Park (dir. Zheng Zhiming) 

Special Guest: Dr. Xiaoning Lu 

Dr. Lu is one of the leading Chinese cinema researchers based in SOAS. Her research focuses on the relationship among the aesthetic, the affective, and the political in the making of modern identities. 

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