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Professor Charles Swanton

Scientists decipher key steps in cancer development to improve treatment
Scientific team, including Professor Charles Swanton, have discovered the timing of key genetic mistakes that fuel tumour growth, according to research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. More...

Henning Walczak

Body's cancer defences hijacked to make pancreatic and lung cancers more aggressive
Professor Henning Walczak and his team have discovered that mutations in the KRAS gene interferes with protective self-destruct switches, known as TRAIL receptors, which usually help to kill potentially cancerous cells. More...

Professor Sibylle Mittnacht

New discovery for tumour suppressor gene offers potential for cancer treatments
Professor Sibylle Mittnacht with scientists at UCL Cancer Institute and the Institute of Cancer Research have revealed a brand new function for one of the first cancer genes ever discovered. More...

lung cancer treatment

New therapy for lung cancer to be tested in UK patients
Researchers led by Professor Sam Janes at UCL/UCLH and Dr Mark Lowdell UCL Cancer Institute/Royal Free London will carry out the first UK clinical trial of a pioneering new combined cell-gene therapy later this year. More...

Michel Coleman

UCL Cancer Institute Seminar Series 
Thursday 30th May 5.00pm, Courtyard Café. Prof. Michel Coleman - 'Cancer survival world-wide: some insights from the CONCORD-2 study'. Hosted by Bart Vanhaesebroeck. More...

Cancer Cells

MSc Cancer OPEN DAY 29th April 2015
Our Master's programme reflects the depth and breadth of research expertise within the UCL Cancer Institute. Register now for your place at our Open Day event. More...


New Clinical PhD Studentship open for applications
'Defining the impact of intra-tumour heterogeneity on the immune response to cancer'. Dr Sergio Quezada. Applications open until 20th April 2015 More...