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Christian Young Men’s Society

Also known as Young Men’s Society for Religious Improvement/London Christian Young Men’s Society


Its parent organisation, the Young Men’s Society, was founded in Glasgow in 1824 as an association for the moral protection of young Christian men (Baptist Magazine, May 1834)

This later (1848) became the Glasgow YMCA, following a visit by George Williams, founder of the London YMCA (‘The History of YMCA Glasgow’, online at www.ymcaglasgow.org/history.asp)

Similar societies were subsequently founded in the USA and Ireland; the London society was founded in June 1833 in London Wall, and later branches also in the City area (Baptist Magazine, May 1834)

However, according to a letter by “R. H. B.” published in the Penny Protestant Operative in February 1842, this was founded by the Marylebone Association, a radical Protestant campaigning association (see The Times of 17 June 1841)

It no longer exists

What was reforming about it?

It was a predecessor of the YMCA

Where in Bloomsbury

A branch was based at 11 Colonnade, in the Colonnade School Room

Website of current institution

It no longer exists

Books about it

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