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Oliver is a researcher and software developer at the UCL Department of Geography, where he investigates and implementing new ways to visualise spatial data, including mapping of open demographic and socioeconomic datasets, particularly London-focused ones, using OpenLayers. In the past he’s analysed educational geodemographics, UK census data and London travel flows, and created a number of popular visualisations such as CityDashboard, the Bike Share Map and the London Tube Stats Map. Formerly a financial software programmer, he studied for an MSc in GIS at City University London, and joined UCL in 2008, working at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and in Geography. In his leisure time he contributes to the OpenStreetMap project, which aims to create a free Wikipedia-style map of the whole world, as well as competing in and organising orienteering races. He blogs at and co-edits

Research Summary

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Research outputs

Interactive Mapping for Large, Open Demographic Datasets using Familiar Geographical Features 2015 O'Brien OGT,Cheshire J
Health effects of the London bicycle sharing system: health impact modelling study 2014 Woodcock J,Tainio M,Cheshire J,O'Brien O,Goodman A
The Structure of Spatial Networks and Communities in Bicycle Sharing Systems 2013 Austwick MZ,O'Brien O,Strano E,Viana M
Mining bicycle sharing data for generating insights into sustainable transport systems 2013 O’Brien O,Cheshire J,Batty M
O'Brien on Ramm, Topf, Chilton: OpenStreetMap: Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World 2011 O'Brien OGT
Estimating secondary school catchment areas and the spatial equity of access 2011 Singleton A,Longley P,Allen R,O'Brien O
OpenStreetMap in Great Britain: Quality and Completeness 2010 O'Brien OGT
Use of a GIS for Production and Maintenance of Street Orienteering Maps: Can a GIS and Spatially Aware Data add Value to Orienteering? - O'Brien OGT
Geodemographics and spatial interaction: an integrated model for higher education - Singleton A,Wilson A,O Brien O
Geodemographics and spatial interaction: an integrated model for higher education Journal of Geographic Systems, 14: 223-241 - Singleton AD,Wilson AG,O Brien O

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