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The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) is one of the leading forces in the science of cities, generating new knowledge and insights for use in city planning, policy and design and drawing on the latest geospatial methods and ideas in computer-based visualisation and modelling. We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.



Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith is Director of The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London. Andy is a Professor of Digital Urban Systems and Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal, he is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Greater London Authority Smart London Board. In addition he is academic lead for The Smart Queen Elizabeth Park Park project on behalf of the LLDC and a member of the EPSRC Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board.

Research Summary

With a research focus on location based digital technologies he has been at the forefront of web technologies for communication, outreach and linked to the digital built environment. He has a Co-I/Pi research grant income in excess of £15 million with his recent grant output focused on the Internet of Things and the Olympic Park. His contribution to knowledge and outreach in the fields of the Internet of Things, smart cities, big data, digital geography, urban planning and the built environment have been wide ranging with an impact strategy focused on policy, outreach and the public understanding of science. 

His research can be found at or @digitalurban on Twitter

Research outputs

Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation 2016 Bailey-Ross C,Gray S,Ashby J,Terras MM,Hudson-Smith A,Warwick C
Ensuring VGI Credibility in Urban-Community Data Generation: A Methodological Research Design 2016 O'Brien JR,Serra M,Hudson-Smith A,Psarra S,Hunter A,Austwick MZ
Design fiction: how to build a Voight Kampff machine 2016 Sturdee M,Coulton P,Lindley J,Stead M,Ali H,Hudson-Smith A
Measuring Interaction in Workplaces 2016 Sailer K,Koutsolampros P,Austwick M,Varoudis T,Hudson-Smith A
Geo-EEG: Towards the Use of EEG in the Study of Urban Behaviour 2016 Mavros P,Austwick MZ,Smith AH
Showing mutual support through digital empathy badges 2015 de Jode M,Hudson-Smith A,Mavros P,Coulton P,Huck J,Roberts J,Powell P
Advances in crowdsourcing: Surveys, social media and geospatial analysis: Towards a big data toolkit 2015 Gray S,Milton R,Hudson-Smith A
Supporting Empathy Through Embodiment in the Design of Interactive Systems 2015 Huck J,Coulton P,Gullick D,Powell P,Roberts J,Hudson-Smith A,de Jode M,Mavros P
Visualising data for smart cities 2015 Batty M,Hudson-Smith A,Hugel S,Roumpani F
Spatial databases: Generating new insights on office design and human behaviours in the workplace 2015 Koutsolampros P,Sailer K,Pomeroy R,Zaltz Austwick M,Hudson-Smith A,Haslem R
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Research activities

Artefacts, Tales, Objects and Representations
KTP: Big Data in the Office
Mapping beyond the palimpsest
TALISMAN: Geospatial Data Analysis and Simulation
Tales of Things and electronic Memory