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Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith, Director and Deputy Chair of the Bartlett Centre for Advanced SpatialAnalysis (CASA) at University College London. Andy is a Reader in Digital Urban Systems and Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal, he is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Greater London Authority Smart London Board. Andy is course founder of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at University College London and Course Director of the MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics and the MRes in Smart Cities at CASA.

Research Summary

With a research focus on location based digital technologies he has been at the forefront of web 2.0 technologies for communication, outreach and developing a unique contribution to knowledge. He is author of the Digital Urban Blog and has a Co-I/Pi research grant income in excess of  £6 million. His contribution to knowledge and outreach in the fields of the Internet of Things, smart cities, big data, digital geography, urban planning and the built environment have been wide ranging with an impact strategy focused on policy, outreach and the public understanding of science. He currently supervises 10 PhD students.

His research can be found at or @digitalurban on Twitter

Research outputs

Demo hour 2014 Dauner JM,Karagozler E,Glisson M,Speed C,Hartswood M,Laurier E,Magee S,Tynan-O'Mahony F,de Jode M,Hudson-Smith A,others
Tracking, tagging and scanning the city 2014 Hudson-Smith A
Smart cities, social networks and the Internet of Things 2014 Hudson-Smith A
The Haggle-O-Tron: design intervention in secondhand retail 2014 Speed C,Hartswood M,Laurier E,Maghee S,de Jode ML,Hudson-Smith A
Designing interactive systems to encourage empathy between users 2014 Coulton P,Huck J,Hudson-Smith A,Barthel R,Mavros P,Roberts J,Powell P
The Evolving GeoWeb 2014 Crooks AT,Hudson-Smith AP,Croitoru A,Stefanidis A
4 The Evolving GeoWeb 2014 Crooks A,Hudson-Smith A,Croitoru A,Stefanidis A
Designing for empathy in a church community 2014 Huck J,Powell P,Coulton P,Roberts J,Hudson-Smith A,De-Jode M,Mavros P
11 smart cities, social networks and the Internet of things 2014 Hudson-Smith A
Visual Analytics for Urban Design 2014 Batty M,Hudson-Smith A
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Research activities

Artefacts, Tales, Objects and Representations
KTP: Big Data in the Office
Mapping beyond the palimpsest
TALISMAN: Geospatial Data Analysis and Simulation
Tales of Things and electronic Memory