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The UCL Institute of Archaeology is the largest and one of the most highly regarded centres for archaeology, cultural heritage and museum studies in Britain. It is one of the very few places in the world actively pursuing research on a truly global scale in the archaeological sciences, heritage studies and world archaeology.

Its degree programmes offer an unrivalled variety of course options, both theoretical and practical, covering a diverse array of archaeological topics, and wide-ranging global fieldwork opportunities.

The Institute hosts numerous events on many different aspects of archaeology and is linked to many other heritage institutions, archaeological societies and organizations, providing an outstanding research environment for staff, students and visitors.


UCL Institute of Archaeology

Research at the Institute of Archaeology covers fieldwork, laboratory analysis and conservation, artefact studies, and theoretical, synthetic, and analytical work across a range of perspectives. It has more than 60 research active staff, projects on five continents and in the Pacific, and wins regular and substantial research funding from a wide range of national and international sources.


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The EU

Job Vacancy: Research Associate for the MedSTACH project

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Associate on the EU-funded MedSTACH project (part-time, Ref.: 1692939). The deadline for applications is 12 December 2017. More...

Stephen Shennan

Rapid mid-Holocene warming triggered the onset of a farming society in Northern Europe

An international multi-disciplinary research team, including the Institute's Stephen Shennan, have recently presented the results of their detailed studies on temperature development during the Holocene in the Baltic region. More...

Archaeological conservation at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (Image courtesy of UCL Media Services)

Job Vacancy: Research Assistant for UCL Institute of Archaeology/National Trust Archaeological Collections

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Assistant in Archaeological Conservation (part-time, Ref.:1692817). The deadline for applications is 25 November 2017. More...


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Sex and Symbolism

The Institute of Archaeology’s new student exhibition, Sex and Symbolism, will open to the public in May 2017. More...

Starts: May 8, 2017 9:30:00 AM

The Long 'Roman' Glass Industry

Ian Freestone will give the seventh seminar in the Term I Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series highlighting current research at the Institute on 20 November. More...

Starts: Nov 20, 2017 4:00:00 PM

New work at Aeclanum: a Roman city on the Appia

Ben Russell (University of Edinburgh) will give a lecture jointly hosted by KCL and UCL at the Institute on 20 November. More...

Starts: Nov 20, 2017 6:00:00 PM

Screening Verulamium: Institute of Archaeology films from the 1950s

Amara Thornton and Caitlin O'Grady (UCL Institute of Archaeology) will introduce a screening organised by the Institute's History of Archaeology Research Network on 22 November. More...

Starts: Nov 22, 2017 6:00:00 PM

About UCL


Why Archaeology? Few other subjects address the very wide breadth of skills and topics covered in an archaeology degree. The academic, laboratory and fieldwork components within the degrees offered by the Institute of Archaeology give graduates a real advantage in developing their careers. At the Institute we aim to give you the best experience throughout your degree, and the best start in your chosen career.

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