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Affiliate students

A Semester or Junior Year Abroad at the UCL Institute of Archaeology is a unique opportunity to experience a world class programme in Archaeology.

Unlike many Study Abroad programmes, you will attend the same classes as and be treated exactly like the Institute's regular degree seeking students.We also offer courses of special interest to affiliate students based in other Departments at UCL, including Ancient Egypt in London and London before the Great Fire of 1666. There is a limit on the numbers of students that can be accommodated on these courses, so if you wish to take either of them you should contact Judy Medrington.

Courses for Affiliates

The Institute has a Junior Year Abroad (JYA) programme which is particularly suitable for students from the USA and Canada. During a year at the Institute, students may take up to four course units which are normally acceptable to North American colleges and universities, so they are able to accumulate credits towards their degrees. Each course unit is equivalent to eight semester hours and course unit examinations occur during late April and May, though special examination arrangements may be made for those who wish to study at the Institute for the Autumn term only. JYA students are encouraged to attend a field training course while studying at the Institute.

Applicants from Britain, the EU and overseas, who do not wish to register for an undergraduate degree programme may apply to study as affiliate students. Graduate students may also be accepted as affiliate students.

Undergraduate Courses

Affiliate students may take courses in Archaeological Theory and Methods; Archaeological Science and Conservation; Egyptology; Western Asiatic Archaeology; Classical Archaeology; Medieval Archaeology and also courses in World Archaeology: Asia, Africa, America.

Further information and full undergraduate course listings may be accessed by looking at both the Institute undergraduate prospectus webpages and the central UCL webpages.

Two courses which may be of particular interest are:

Students may also take courses in other departments of UCL, such as Anthropology, Art History, Greek and Latin, and History subject to availability.

Graduate Level Courses

The range of options at Graduate Level may be found on the Institute's Graduate web pages.

Fieldwork Opportunities

Fieldwork experience is central to archaeological education at the Institute, and we offer two excellent fieldwork training opportunities for affiliate students. Both courses emphasize training and instruction in order to maximize educational benefit.

The Experimental Archaeology Field-Course Provides a unique opportunity to learn about life in the past first hand by participating in such traditional activities as flintknapping, pottery making, copper smelting, wood working, structure building, and the collection and processing of wild foods.

Field Training in Archaeological Techniques is conducted on the West Dean Estate in West Sussex, a landscape rich in archaeological remains, including numerous prehistoric, Roman and Medieval features. Students are instructed in a range of fieldwork methods and approaches, including excavation and recording, geophysical survey, environmental sampling, and finds processing.

How to apply

Information about eligibility for Study Abroad and Exchange Students (including Erasmus), as well as application forms, can be found on the International Students website.

Completed application forms and any other correspondence relating to affiliate admissions (such as transcripts or references) should be sent directly to the UCL Admissions Office, preferably by email: affiliatestudents@ucl.ac.uk

If it is not possible to send certain documents by email please arrange for them to be posted to:

UCL Admissions Office
Student and Registry Services
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

Further information about specific academic programmes at the Institute may be obtained from:

Caitlin O'Grady
UCL Institute of Archaeology
31-34 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PY

Email: caitlin.r.ogrady@ucl.ac.uk

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