MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums


Co-ordinator: Dean Sully
Other Major Contributors: James Hales, Renata Peters, John Merkel and Caitlin O'Grady

The MSc programme in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums is intended for those who wish to pursue a career in the practice of conservation. It consists of one year’s training at the Institute of Archaeology, during which there is emphasis on developing practical experience under specialist guidance in the conservation laboratories, followed by a ten-month assessed conservation internship in a museum of similar institution.

The Institute of Archaeology has an established and widely recognised strength in providing academic and professional training in the practice of conservation. and many of its graduates are now employed in key posts around the world. The Institute was one of the first recipients of the Conservation and Heritage Management Award, from the Archaeological Institute of America, for exceptional achievements in these fields.

This degree programme is available full-time over two years, and part-time over three or four years. It is normally open only to those who have successfully completed the one-year MA in Principles of Conservation. The MA and MSc degrees together form a package providing training for professional practice in conservation (further details). In very exceptional circumstances, applicants may be admitted direct to the MSc programme, provided that they have gained a range and level of knowledge equivalent to that provided by the MA (further details). Applicants also require a good knowledge of chemistry (e.g. to AS-level, or equivalent; further details) and will need to provide evidence of manual dexterity and normal colour vision. Relevant experience (e.g. in conservation, archaeology or museums) is an advantage.

The Institute of Archaeology supports the principles of the 1970 UNESCO Convention and the 1995 Unidroit Convention and is unique as a UK academic department in having an ethics policy concerning the illicit trade in antiquities.

Application Deadlines: Applications can be accepted from November and complete applications (with both references) must be submitted by 1st April at the very latest. Please contact  Lisa Daniel if you are applying after this date to see if places are still available. 

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