MSc in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology


This degree gives students a detailed background in the methods used to study bones and teeth in both bioarchaeological and forensic anthropological contexts.  It provides a grounding in skeletal and dental anatomy, as well as an understanding of the histology of dental and skeletal tissues, their metabolism, morphological variation between sexes and populations, and changes with age. The degree also considers diseases that can be diagnosed from bones and teeth and the palaeoepidemiological insights we can draw from them. Students learn procedures for recording skeletonized human remains and apply these methods to a small group of previously excavated skeletons, including the preparation of a report. The degree does not focus on any one geographical area or period, but examines human variation and morphology from the Late Pleistocene/Holocene up to the modern day.  There are no formal pre-requisites for students taking this course.

Application Deadline: The deadline for complete applications (including references) is 1st April 2017. Referees are only sent links to submit references once the applicant has submitted their part of the application.

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