MA in Research Methods for Archaeology


Co-ordinator: Stephen Shennan

The MA in Research Methods for Archaeology is a one-year degree which offers a tailor-made programme of study designed as a preparation for an MPhil or PhD research project. This degree is suitable for students who have already chosen their research topic, but who need to acquire research skills before embarking on a higher (MPhil or PhD) degree. It is particularly suited for those applying for AHRC One-Year Studentships designed as preparation for MPhil or PhD research. The student's supervisor is responsible with the student for planning the programme of study as a whole and students should contact their proposed supervisor before applying for admission. Students who do not yet have a clearly defined research project in mind would be better advised to apply for the MA in Archaeology, or one of the other MAs or MScs offered by the Institute of Archaeology.

Please note that this course is available either on a full-time or part-time basis.

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