MA in Egyptian Archaeology


Co-ordinator: Richard Bussmann
Other Major Contributors: Stephen Quirke, David Wengrow

UCL is home of the founder of Egyptian Archaeology in the UK, Sir Flinders Petrie, and traditionally an international leading centre in the field of Egyptian Archaeology. Teaching is research-led throughout and students profit from the first class institutions located at walking distance from the Institute of Archaeology, including the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, the British Museum, and the Egypt Exploration Society. Archaeologists at UCL explore Ancient Egypt through funerary and settlement archaeology, art, texts, and lab-based scientific approaches. Our particular strength is in cross-disciplinary research, including:

  • Egyptology and Anthropology
  • Social archaeology of Ancient Egypt
  • Egyptian heritage and the museum
  • Prehistory of North-Eastern Africa
  • Cross-cultural interaction of Egypt with Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Near East
  • Comparative and theoretically informed approaches to Ancient Egypt

The degree is designed for students with a background in Egyptology, Archaeology, or Ancient History. Students who completed the degree in the past progressed to PhD or found employment in related areas, the public sector, and the economy. Although fieldwork is not a regular part of the degree, students with relevant skills who wish to work in Egypt, the Sudan and the Near East are encouraged to join archaeological missions run by members of staff of the Institute of Archaeology or by colleagues from other institutions. Egyptian Archaeology at UCL is embedded in the vibrant research environment of the Bloomsbury Campus, right in the centre of one of the most exciting cities of the world. The Institute of Archaeology is well known for its welcoming atmosphere, challenging intellectual climate, and supportive feedback structure. It is regularly rated top among UK archaeology departments for student experience.

Please note that this degree will not run in 2015/16 and is being replaced by the MA in Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East

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