Courses on Offer 2013 - 2014: (subject to availability)

Term Dates

A wide range of timetabled courses are available - most of the courses in the lists given on these pages are available to Continuing Education students (please email Charlotte Frearson for more details).  Please note we cannot offer any Conservation Courses or Museum Studies Courses to Continuing Education students.

Please note, not all of these courses run every year (please email to check for space on the courses). 

Continuing Education Example Courses Offered by the Institute of Archaeology

If the timetabled course(s) you are interested in are not listed below please email for more details.

Autumn Term 2013 (taught in one term)
  • Greek Art and Architecture (ARCL2007)
  • The archaeology of Mesoamerica (ARCL2029)
  • Archaeology of early South Asia (ARCL3035)
  • Archaeological approaches to standing buildings (ARCL3038)
  • Issues in the Archaeology of Nubia (ARCL3050)
  • Archaeological approaches to the human use of space (ARCLG116)
  • Archaeologies of modern conflict (ARCLG217)
Spring Term 2014 (taught in one term)
  • Roman Coinage (ARCL2001)
  • Livestock and Pastoralism in Archaeology (ARCL3053)
  • Maya Civilization (ARCL3043)
  • Economy and trade in the Mediterranean Iron Age (ARCL3092)
  • Lithic Analysis (ARCLG113)
  • Archaeology of hunter-gatherers from the emergence of modern humans (ARCLG128)
  • Mediterranean world in the Iron Age (ARCLG202)
Taught over both terms (Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014)

In some cases the Autumn and Spring term may be taken separately

  • Archaeology of Ancient Egypt (ARCL2012)
  • Themes in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology (ARCLG179)
Short Courses 2013-2014

If you would like further information about availability, please contact the Institute's Short Course Administrator, Charlotte Frearson, telephone 020 7679 1494.

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