Filming Antiquity

'Baby Pathe' film stock in the Institute of Archaeology Collections (Photo courtesy of Ian Carroll)

Digital Archive Research

Filming Antiquity proposes to digitise and contextualise excavation footage currently held in the Institute of Archaeology. Dating to the early-mid 20th century, the footage features excavations and local context in British Mandate Palestine. The footage featured will be examined as material evidence of past practice in both archaeology and film, situating their creation within a wider social, cultural and technological context. The archaeological focus of the films will be married with larger questions about British culture and identity and the myriad relationships between archaeologists and local communities.

Filming Antiquity will have four main outcomes:

  • Conservation and Digitisation of Film
  • Interdisciplinary Symposium
  • Pilot online archive
  • Publication of peer-reviewed papers analysing the available footage

The film footage and related analyses will be collected into an online archive. In the process, Filming Antiquity will provide a model for making excavation films accessible, contribute to best practice in digital archive creation, and invite public discussions and interdisciplinary scholarship through its online platform.

The project is related to the Institute's History of Archaeology Research Network.


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