Teaching Collections

A number of items held in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Library have the designation 'Teaching Collection', e.g. Teaching Collection (Archaeology / B 220) Cultural and political networks in the Ancient Near East during the 4th and 3rd Millennia BC. Hans J Nissen.

Item Status Due date Due hour Library site Classmark (shelf location) Collection Barcode
3 hour Available   Archaeology INST ARCH 3309 Teaching Collection 2807897443

Teaching Collections (also known as paper course readings) are photocopies of chapters or articles from books and print journals that are in high demand for teaching. Teaching Collections are held in the Institute of Archaeology Library and a number of other UCL libraries, including the Main, Science and Bartlett libraries. Each item is assigned a number (eg. INST ARCH 3309). Users can locate the item by searching on the Library catalogue, just as for a book or by entering the department and course code (eg. ARCL1003).

Teaching Collections are held behind the Issue Desk in the Institute Library. You will need to ask the library staff for them. Under UK copyright law, teaching collections are available to current UCL students and staff only. No other category of library user (reference or borrowing) may use these items.

Loan periods and fines for Teaching Collections are: 

10.00 - 13.00 50p per HOUR, or each part of hour
13.00 - 16.00 50p per HOUR, or each part of hour
16.00 - 10.00 (next day) (Short loan/Issue Desk items are due BEFORE 10am/1pm/4pm)

The due date and time will be stamped on the front of the envelope when you borrow it from the issue desk. Please note that paper course readings are increasingly being replaced by digital readings accessed through the Online Reading List Service.

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